Meet The STAR!

Ashley Jones

Day TWO Is Sponsored by the FABULOUS Ashley Jones!


I'm so excited to introduce you to Ashley Jones, Star Stylist! Ashley has been on my team since my first year! I love how she's styled her life....multiple moves, happy marriage and 3 adorable kids and heart of leadership STAR! She's always been able to balance it all with style and grace! Ashley thank you for all you do for our team and community! I am so thankful to have you on my team and as part of our tribe! Your team adores you are an awesome leader!

Oh and from all the Johnson County Moms & kids...thank you for opening Urban Air KC! We LOVE IT!

Here are some WTS from Ashley! Text one of the images below to your prospect and use these to book up your January!

Hi Jane, I'm ordering my Spring 2016 samples today and need your stylish advice!! What are your top 3 picks that you and your friends would wear?

(wait for response then text back....)

I love it! I was thinking it would be fabulous to get your girlfriends together to be the first to shop this collection. Cabin fever is setting in already and your girlfriends would love a reason to get out! What do you think? I have x and y open this month! Oh...and the best part? My January hostesses usually earn $300+ in free accessories! xoxo

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All About Ashley Jones!


I chose this lipgloss trio after I treated myself to it! What girl doesn't need a few more lip glosses in their life?? These will make the perfect addition to your collection!


I guess I am what they call a veteran stylist as I recently entered year 6 with Stella & Dot. Who knew!? I definitely did not when I signed was just going to be something to fill nap time. Since I signed up, I have had 2 more babies and a few moves in between. With that, my business has had its ebbs and flows but it has always been there! I am so thankful for Stella & Dot. My why has changed several times over. In the end, I love the business I have built, love our Ruby Reds team, love that I always have the best accessories, love that I spend money my husband knows nothing about and finally, that I have something for myself.

Top Tip:

My top tip is to be consistent! Do something to move your business forward everyday. The seeds you plant do pay off!