What's the Buzz?

Newsletter for November 3-7

Special Guest

We were honored to have a visit from author Arun Gandhi, grandson to Mahatma Gandhi. He, and his co-author spoke to us about his new book, Grandfather Gandhi. He encouraged our children to live as light.

Bees At Work

Buzzy Business


In the beginning of the week students will be distinguishing between A.M. and P.M. using word problems and analog clocks. Then we will move on to learning more addition strategies. In class, students will learn to you Math Racks to answer problems. We will be bridging to ten (1+9=10, 2+8=10, 3+7=10, etc) and learning how one digit addition problems can help us solve larger two-digit addition problems (9+5, 19+15.)


We will continue to explore our Word Study routines and sorts.


In writing this week, we will be working on our “Landmark” All About Books. We will use our research, pictures, and field trip knowledge to incorporate into our books.

Social Studies/Science:

This week, we will dive into our landmark research by visiting specific (kid-friendly) websites on our laptops. We will read articles and answer specific guided questions about our landmarks. We may even come across some fun facts to add to our All About Books. Our special presenter this week will be Rebecca Darling, the author of the Round the Rock blog which highlights Round Rock businesses, activities and history.

One of our final projects will be to create a culture/landmark box (diorama). Each group will need a large shoe box. We would also love to collect some crafty items from home. If you have some spare craft sticks, clay, play doh, yarn, tissue paper, or any other crafty item, we’d love to use them for our culture boxes. Please feel free to send them in any time next week.

Report Cards: Report cards will go home this week. Please take note that you will see mostly 1s and 2s. This is just the first 9 weeks of school. Under each competency, there are a lot of skills that have to be mastered (3) by the end of the year. Some skills have been started, but we will build upon them throughout the year. You may not see a 3 on your child's report card until the spring.

Dates to Remember...

Nov. 5... PBL presentation by Rebecca Darling (Round the Rock blogger)

Nov. 5... Happy Birthday, Ethan!!

Nov. 6... Report Cards go home

Nov. 18... 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Meal in the cafeteria

Nov. 24-28... Thanksgiving Holiday (school holiday)

Reading Response Notebooks

Notebooks are coming home today. Please look through them and write on your child's High Five page, to be glued on the next clean page of their notebook. It is very important that notebooks come back to school on Monday, Nov. 3.