Digital or Analog Signal?

Which one is better for a video game?

By Abbie Read

What does digital signals mean?

Converted into a pattern of bits.


  1. Calculator because only number (digital) can show up and be typed in.
  2. CD because it sends the different pitches to play the music.
  3. Gears because they all can move in different direction speeds and can all look very different from each other.
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What does analog signals mean?

A continuous signal for which the time varying feature.


  1. Tape recorder because it keeps going on a continuous cycle of the tape.
  2. Microphone because the sound keeps on traveling.
  3. Thermometer because the red line can't movie directions. It can only move up and down.
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What's the difference of analog and digital signals?


  • Has different patterns
  • Displays a specific time
  • Faster


  • Slower
  • Is continous
  • Doesn't have the best graphics

What's the difference of analog and digital technology?

  • Digital technology shows you an instant digital reading.
  • Analog technology makes it so it's in a loop/cycle.
  • Digital technology displays just the numbers not the whole cycle to it.

How would digital signals help make a video game more enjoyable?

Well, a good example of a game that has digital signals and has very good graphics is Madden 16. Madden 16 has some of the best graphics and makes you feel like it's a real football game. It allows you to play with your friends and see who wins the game. So, it seems pretty real when your team is playing against another team. As you can see in the picture to the right.

Which one's better for the DIS?

Digital signals will be the best choice to use for the video game. I say that because digital signals have better graphics and they are faster. So that makes the digital signals have a better quality. And customers would enjoy and prefer that video game. It would seem more appealing. On the other hand, analog is the total opposite. Analog signals are slower and can't have better graphics because analog signals are continuous and cannot create different patterns like digital signals. That's why I think that digital signals would be the better choice for the DIS.