Web 2.0

web 2.0


Fotobabble is a website where you can record a voice and insert a photo, while making the recording go along. With fotobabble there is an opportunity to share it and make it known with your friends!


Symbaloo is a website where you can login and use tools! You can also add other websites for your background, so maybe it'll make it more fun! You have websites such as Youtube, craigslist, sports, diet/fitness, shopping, games/toys, flickr, facebook, apple, CNN.com, gmail, booking.com, tour, encyclopedia, route, and weather! You can add many more websites if you want to as well! Symbaloo is a great website for the use of a project or just for a fun activity at home!


Wordle is a website where you can type the words that you want and it will make the font bigger and you can pick a different designs, which are plenty to choose from. It's good to use for a school project as well!


This website is used for making posters or using fun photos, magazines, collages, badges, movie posters, calendars, and many more! It's usually just a fun website for these types of things!


Prezi is a type of site where you can express your ideas about something through a digital video tutorial! You have many options on Prezi and you'll be able to choose all the types of fonts and colors and backgrounds. This can be used for presenting to a class! On Prezi you are available to "collaborate with friends" and share your digital video! You can add graphics or photos and a text box as well! You can even add videos.


Blabberize.com is another site! On this site you can add a photo and record your voice, but while doing this you can make the mouth of the picture move so it looks like the picture is actually moving!


Smore is a website where you can make flyers and share them! People can make comments on your flyers! You can change the background, add texts, add pictures, add a design, add color and most importantly, make the title of the flyer and you can make a subtitle if you want to! You can add an event, a link, audio, and a bio. You can also add a gallery!
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