5 Simple Steps to Mentoring

****Mentoring Starts at your 1st Team Member****


Send them the New Designer Welcome Email within 24 hours of them signing up. You can keep your welcome simple. Just make sure you always include the following:

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Contact Info.
  • Lineage

I also would encourage you to add them to any team pages your team has, up to your closest Director. Too much, too soon can really overwhelm.

After they are acclimated they can be added to any other pages that would HELP their business. Just remember....just because it's out there, doesn't mean it's helpful or approved.


Call them and introduce yourself within 24 hours of sending the email. Answer any questions they may have and tell them to call you when they receive their kit!

Keep the energy up and be super excited for them .

Remember, this is an introduction call. Keep it simple and DO NOT overwhelm with info.


Schedule a time to meet with them in person to go through their kit. In-person if local or FaceTime/Skype if they are not.

Go through each item in their kit, explaining what it is and how it is used.


Have them fill out their Getting Started Book (Comes in Kit) right away with focus on the DREAM section.

Schedule a phone call to go over it together.

Answer any questions about products, policies, etc. and find out how they want to work their business. This is important because it helps you know how you can help/support them Achieve their Goals.


Schedule their launch and make sure you are there for it (if local).

At this time you can also discus their table display. Don't overwhelm them and help them realize that simple is best.

  • Table Cloth
  • Busts or Jewelry Rounder for Examples
  • One Owl
  • Charm Displays

This is also the time to discuss business cards and labels for catalogs and order forms.

All of these steps should occur with a week or two. No longer.

You want to keep the excitement level up and the stress level down!

You set the tone for them and remember make it simple and duplicatable.