Pamlico Sound

Located in OBX, NC

Estuaries in General

Estuaries are extremely important. They act as filters, getting rid of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other excess sediments and nutrients. They are also some of the most fertile ecosystems in the world. Estuaries act as buffers too, by protecting coast areas and shorelines, human communities, and habitats on land.

Basic Knowledge About Pamlico

The Pamlico Sound is the largest estuary on the East Coast,and second largest in the country at 80 miles long and 15-20 miles wide. Located in NC at the Outer Banks, it is unusually shallow with an average of 5-6 feet deep. The Ocracoke Inlet, Oregon Inlet, and Hatteras Inlets all flow into Pamlico Sound.
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Not All Peachy...

Pamlico Sound is being threatened by excess nutrients added by wastewater leaks, erosion, toxic materials, habitat loss, and regular pollution. Most of this is caused by industries, agriculture, and consumers. However, conserving water, using fewer pesticides, and cleaning up litter can help limit the amount of damage done to the sound.