Nicholas Pedler

Nicholas Pedler is a Financial Consultant

Nicholas Pedler always wanted to work with numbers. As a child, his mother always told him that numbers seemed to be what made sense to him. He had a creative side to him as well, but was almost calmed by working out math problems. When he learned the concept of money in his elementary school days, he immediately began bargaining with his mother to see how he could earn a dollar or two in the house.

In high school, he completed a finance course and helped his parents balance their household budget. It just all made sense to him. Knowing how to save and invest, and how to help people get the most for their money, just came naturally to him. Nicholas Pedler had a hard time understanding how anyone could get themselves into trouble with money. He understood credit cards and various kinds of other debt. He advised his friends on how to manage their summer wages and allowance. Those who listened to Nicholas Pedler still thank him to this day.

After college, he was able to start his own financial consulting firm almost immediately. Nicholas Pedler had such a following of loyal clients from his days working in college that he was able to hit the ground running. Today, he works for a small firm in Phoenix but always keeps his own business on the side. He still advises and manages his parents’ finances. Nicholas Pedler is never too busy to help out a friend or acquaintance and always has good advice. His motto is that it does not matter how little money you have – if you treat it right, it will grow for you. Not everyone is a believer in this, but once a client gets a taste of his magic, they are sold. Nicholas Pedler has what it takes to be a long-term successful financial consultant.

Nicholas Pedler Appreciates Nonprofits

Nicholas Pedler has always appreciated the work of charities and other nonprofit organizations, especially in his community. These organizations work tirelessly for excellent causes, and often operate with very limited budgets. After starting his own financial consulting organization in the Phoenix area, many nonprofits starting coming to him for financial advice. This type of advice is different than the type of advice a for-profit business would need, so Nicholas Pedler needed to really learn the needs of these types of agencies.

Nicholas Pedler consulted with colleagues who worked solely with nonprofits and, before long, he learned the ins and outs of working out their books. Because he was passionate in his support of nonprofits, Nicholas Pedler made sure that he quickly got up to speed with many nonprofits and what they needed to accomplish with their funding. It was not usually a lot of money but Nicholas Pedler had the creativity and vision that the nonprofit leaders needed.

He also helped the nonprofits learn about what grants they were eligible for and how to apply. These suggestions took his services above and beyond what a normal financial consultant would do, but he figured it would benefit everyone in the long run. Nicholas Pedler was right about that. As his nonprofits grew in their funding, they were able to accomplish more and supply him with more business. Plus, it is just good karma to work for agencies who do good things for the world.

Nonprofits are a vital part of any community, and can provide a range of resources to people and places. Many of Nicholas Pedlers favorite nonprofits work to preserve the environment. Some environmental nonprofits that Nicolas Pedler admires in Phoenix include the American Birding Association, the Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce, the Desert Botanical Garden, and the Mingus Manor Animal Sanctuary.

Shark Fishing Nicholas Pedler

While attending college in Miami at the Miami University, Nicholas Pedler spent a great deal of time at the fishing piers and on fishing boats whenever he got the opportunity, because he has always loved to go fishing. Perhaps one of the most amazing day trips he ever participated in was a shark fishing charter boat. The charter company promised that Nicholas Pedler would catch anything from hammerhead sharks, thresher sharks, mako sharks, blacktips, spinners, bull sharks, sandbar sharks, nurse sharks, dusky sharks, tiger sharks, and silky sharks.

There were many special rules and regulations with shark fishing, and Nicholas Pedler tried to keep up with everything he was being told. Truthfully, he was so excited that it was hard to focus on all this serious information being thrown at him.

After the boat had cast off and was underway, the captain was happily making small talk with all of the participants but all Nicholas Pedler could do was stare at his line. He was willing it to budge as he wanted a catch so bad he could taste it. Finally, it happened! His line started dragging and he held on and tried to recall what the captain said about bringing in a shark.

Before he knew it, everyone was yelling at him to move this way and that way and the captain was cheering him on. As the shark fought to be released from the hook, they were able to see that it was a sandbar shark. The other fisherman were helping Nicholas Pedler out and he was sweating in excitement as he pulled the writhing, strong shark on board. The sandbar shark was a keeper and Nicholas Pedler wore a proud smile as the camera flashed. Nicholas Pedler decided right then that he would need to do this again.

Nature Photography Nicholas Pedler

Nicholas Pedler has hiked and camped all over the United States and spent a great deal of time outdoors when he was a student in college. Since the bulk of his classes were always about finance or accounting, Nicholas Pedler decided to minor in photography. He thought it would be a great way to balance the grueling number crunching he was doing in his other classes. He also thought it would allow him to photograph what he loved most in life – nature.

This would not be Nicholas Pedler’s first time behind the camera. During his nature hikes, even as a child, Nicholas Pedler always had a small camera with him and made sure he took the time to get a great shot. His family encouraged him in this practice, which helped him develop both his appreciation of nature and his artistic vision.

Many of the photographs Nicholas Pedler took as a child are framed and adorn the walls of his childhood home. Most of the photographs Nicholas Pedler took as a child were of birds and trees, with the beautiful local landscapes always in the background. He also had a few series of winter photos in which he shot several tall peaks from gondolas that were truly breathtaking.

After arriving at college and spending as much time as humanly possible on the beach, Nicholas Pedler invested in an antique camera. He began bringing it everywhere with him, as a photographer should, and started taking amazing photos of the waves, sand, sunsets, and seagulls. Nicholas Pedler was also able to use most of these photos in his coursework and, needless to say, earned high grades due to the consistently high quality and interesting content. Nicholas Pedler recommends that every college student take some kind of art class, even if that student is majoring in something that isn’t artistic.

Nicholas Pedler Travels to Savannah, Georgia

One of the most important things to Nicholas Pedler is being able to travel and discover new places. He is constantly planning the next adventure and has been to almost every state in the United States. This is quite an impressive feat, since he is only twenty-five years old. Nicholas Pedler and his parents also took many trips when he was young. He knows that he gets his wanderlust from his father, who was a sailor in the United States Navy.

Nicholas Pedler had heard all about Savannah, Georgia from a high school friend and had dreamed of going there ever since. While living in Miami, Nicholas Pedler decided it was a great time to explore the east coast, namely Savannah. Nicholas Pedler researched the best time of year to visit the city and found that anytime between March and June was preferable. Rather than waiting, Nicholas Pedler chose his spring break week late in March to explore the mysterious city.

With his hotel room booked and a tank of gas, Nicholas Pedler hopped into his car and drove the entire length of the state of Florida. Shortly after crossing the northern border of the state, he happily began seeing the signs for Savannah. He was immediately in love with the city after crossing his first city square. The Spanish moss was hanging lazily on the trees and he could smell nothing but green, lush life.

Everyone smiled at him as he parked his car and wandered into a slow-moving café. Nicholas Pedler felt he was in heaven as he sipped his coffee on a bench outside. It was even better than he imagined and he now knew how great it felt to get out of the hustle and bustle of Miami. Nicholas Pedler spent the day slowly wandering and taking in all the new sights and sounds.

Volunteer Work Nicholas Pedler

Nicholas Pedler is a huge supporter of Catholic Charities and Heifer International. He believes in the messages and missions of both agencies and, whenever he can, he supports and spreads those messages. Nicholas Pedler has spent time in local public schools in Phoenix, Arizona, volunteering his time to teach literacy to children. This is all part of the Heifer International program in which each time a book is read by a student in the United States, funds are raised to fulfill the goal of sending an animal (a cow or goat) to a needy family in another country.

Nicholas Pedler finds the literacy work most fulfilling when he watches the faces of the children light up as he reads. He always chooses classic books or the ones that were his favorites when he was young. Depending on the age of the students, he reads the books with different voices and the class ends up laughing at his silly acting. Most of the schools he volunteers at contain students who come from families who are in need of assistance. Unfortunately, Nicholas Pedler hears from many of these students that he is the only person who reads to them. This fact frustrates him and makes him feel sorry for these children but reaffirms his support of Heifer International, which he recommends to everyone he knows.

Nicholas Pedler also supports and admires Catholic Charities, which runs soup kitchens and food programs in the Phoenix area. Volunteers show up at one of their soup kitchens and help spread cheer and food to those who are in need of assistance. Nicholas Pedler commends Catholic Charities for their tireless efforts. Although he is sometimes shocked or saddened by how many people need these kitchens, and other similar assistance organizations, he very much hopes this will change as time goes on.

Mining and Nicholas Pedler

Nicholas Pedler has always had an interest in coal mining in Wyoming. This is possibly because of the rich heritage the state has in mining, along with his own family history as well. Nicholas Pedler can recall his grandfather telling him stories of working in the Wyoming coal mines. He always made it sound so exciting and adventurous – never scary or monotonous. Later on, when Nicholas Pedler would ask his mother why he could not be a coal miner like his “papa,” she would just smile and say that he would have many more options than his papa due to his education. This answer did not really satisfy his curiosity at the time, but he did believe what his mother was saying to be true.

Nicholas Pedler made it a priority to learn that entire he could about Wyoming coal mining, not only to learn about what his grandfather did for so many years of his life, but to understand the economics of it. Wyoming mines coal, gold, gypsum, limestone, silver, molybdenum, soda ash, and sodium bicarbonate. The coal industry in Wyoming provides many jobs to its inhabitants and contributes about eight billion dollars to the state’s economy. The industry is a staple in the state and is important to its continuing growth and sustainability.

As Nicholas Pedler began learning more in the fields of finance and accounting, he became even more fascinated with this industry. In addition, Nicholas Pedler started to study the gold mines in Wyoming. In his hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming, was the headquarters of a large gold producer. This corporation alone employs many, many citizens of Cheyenne and its surrounding towns. Nicholas Pedler’s appreciation of this industry and what it means to the way of life in Wyoming grew exponentially. It is no wonder that Nicholas Pedler works with the coal mines or coal miners whenever given the opportunity.