Winter Wonderland

Slogan: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow


If you love the snow, Christmas, and cold weather, Winter Wonderland is the place of your dreams. Imagine snow capped mountains, sun, and cabins everywhere, all year round. The sun and brightness keeps people happy and has reduced the amount of depression by 75% since the year 2009. We are located left of the South Pole, making it easier for Santa to deliver presents 4 times a year rather than one. Hear that? Christmas not only once but 4 times a year! This makes our community very joyful, caring, and giving. In this fun filled place children go to school to learn how to build ski-slopes, develop better ski equipment, make ice sculptures, and even more. The crucial law is no discrimination, no matter the case. Any discrimination will be dealt with accordingly, such as being ban from the utopia. Everyone and anyone is allowed to be involved, adults of all ages, and kids from all places! Our government is solely democracy, we the people hold the power. Citizens of the age 16 and up can vote because we believe that the younger generation's input is very important. The community votes on where we build new ski slopes, punishments, and more. Honestly, who could think of a better place to spend your days?

Reason for Existence (4a)

Everyone likes the holiday spirit, so why not live in it. Winter Wonderland is here to provide the greatest snow any skier/boarder has ever seen, and to keep the jolly spirits year round. In this utopia there is a non stop snow fall with an average of about 6-7 inches of snow each day. This makes for amazing ski/snowboard conditions that are full of powder and enjoyment. Although it isn't too much snow to where people are in danger on the roads, or anywhere else. The next thing we strive for in this utopia is the constant holiday spirit, which is provided by celebrating Christmas 4 times a year. When people are truly in the holiday spirit, there is nothing but happiness, and the gift of giving. With this at hand, everyone will live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it.

Community Members (4b)

Citizens or people looking to join our utopia include people with the love for snow, cold weather, and cute winter clothes. And/or these people have a craving for Christmas year round, or the candy it brings (like candy canes). The people of Winter Wonderland are truly the happiest people on Earth. We love our citizens and they love us right back. The people in our happy place are also free to be who they are, unlike people in our neighboring countries.

American Dreams and Novels (4c)

In Winter Wonderland, "all men are created equal," is enforced. All citizens of this utopia are given the same rights which include the 10 amendments that are given in the U.S. Constitution. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated, and will result in being kicked out of the utopia. Discrimination includes bullying someone about old ski equipment, lack in skill of a certain activity, etc. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," is also given to the public. This means that the citizens of Winter Wonderland are free to do what ever they feel necessary, as long as people are using common sense, it does not break any laws, and if it doesn't affect others in a harmful manner. This is related to the end of The Scarlet Letter because the Puritans finally grant the pursuit of happiness to Hester, she is finally happy, she returns to her cottage, she also has a key role in society as a counselor, and when she dies she is buried next to her true love, Dimmesdale.

Comparison to F451 (4d)

Fahrenheit 451 is not alike to the Winter Wonderland, it is more realistic to point out the differences. First being F451 is a dystopia, where the government controls the thinking of the citizens by keeping them so busy they have no time to think at all. Comparing this issue to Winter Wonderland, our citizens are free to think and have opinions of there own. For example in F451 your occupation is chosen based off your looks, we know this because Montag realizes that him and his crew all look alike. But in Winter Wonderland you can choose your job, if you have a crazy sense of style, you are free to become the next top fashion designer of winter jackets. Also, in F451 the people are not knowledgeable of their past. For example Montag asks Beatty, "didn't firemen prevent fires rather than stroke them up and get them going"(31). In our utopia our citizens have open access to our past, positive and negative. Children in this novel are rebellious, such as killing each other for entertainment and another example is the teens swerving to hit Montag. There reasoning for not doing it was "the probability that running over a body at such a high speed might turn the car upside down"(122) killing themselves and Montag. In our heaven on Earth, kids will be kids and rebel but our constant holiday spirit spreading the love, making no one hate anyone. Lastly, in the book, technology is a huge aspect of life. For example the robot bank tellers and the Mecanical Hound. In Winter Wonderland we have iPhones, laptops, and technology like that but we believe that humans need the high rank. So as you can see we compare to Fahrenheit 451 because we are the complete opposite.

Disclaimer (5a-e)

Some problems that may arise include, our heated road systems may fail due to electricity loss, age of road, or anything else, and block the roads from our daily food trucks. Incase this happens each family is required to have 6 months of food in food storage in cases of emergency like this. Ski lifts may break down from year round service instead of seasonal service and may strand people on the lifts. Therefore we will have back up motors on each ski lift. Another thing may happen people may get sick of constantly being in the holiday spirit/ snowing climate and want to leave utopia. This is totally fine, although once they leave they may not come back. Some drawbacks in living in this utopia is that you will shovel your driveway a ton, although this is a great door opener for kids who want to make a little cash. Another drawback may include spending a ton of money on ski and snowboard equipment. People who may think of this utopia as a dystopia are people that do not like the winter season. I would highly suggest not joining our utopia if you don't like snow, for one huge reason.... its constantly the winter season! Although all those who adore the winter time, this is your heaven on earth.