How to Build a Trumpet

The Factory

The Factory

The trumpet works in many ways. It can also be made in different ways. EX: plastic, metal, or wood. They all make different sounds because they are different material. They do have some things in common like thy are the same instrument.

The History of the Trumpet

The trumpet has a long and rich history. It is believed that the trumpet was used as a signaling device in Ancient Egypt, Greece and the Near East. During the Romantic period, the trumpet was evident in various forms of art such as literature and music. But during this time, the trumpet was merely recognized as an instrument used to signal, announce, proclaim and for other relevant purposes.

Why the Trumpet was Made

A trumpet is a brass wind instrument noted for its powerful tone sounded by lip vibration against its cup-shaped mouthpiece. A trumpet consists of a cylindrical tube, shaped in a primary oblong loop that flares into a bell. Modern trumpets also have three piston valves as well as small, secondary tubing that act as tuning slides to adjust the tone.