Was Augusto Pinochet path for Chile truly the best?


Augusto Pinochet was born on Nov 25, 1915, in Valparaíso, Chile. Ironically enought, when he joined the Chilean army in 1935, it was due to his mothers urging, as he had an intial lack of intrest in politics, up until 1950, where he would being his fight against the Chiliean Communist party.

His Military career would swiftly rise up the ranks, even though Chili was not at war. In 1973, President Salvador Allende would appoint him Commander in Chief. A month later he would stage a coup and being his 25 years in power.

Shortly after his acquisition of power, in 1973, he would be responsible for the "Caravan of Death" in which a death squad of Pinochet's newest "higher-ups" Flew helicopters across the island and brutally executed 97 enemies of Pinochet, many of which had peacefully turned themselves in.

While he certainly was violent, and was charged with the kidnapping and murder of MANY political enemies, after the 1989 elections, in which Pinochet lost, he stepped down on his own accord and relinquished the strong inside powers his many supporters still had.

In the Life of Augusto Pinochet....

Quote Analysis.

These Quotes show how Pinochet ultimately wanted Chile was to prevent the island from becoming Communist. While this was in sync with American views, it was still difficult for America to support him because of his violent way of achieving Democracy; via the killing of his political opponents. Yet, America did directly support Operation Condor, in which Pinochet and other S.A nations forcefully removed Communism from South America.

His tendencies to eliminate political threats aside, he was, however, reluctant to become a dictator immersed in power over Chile. When public opinion of him dropped to the point where he would be unwelcome as leader of the country, he stepped down on his own accord.

Dictator Maybe?

Allende was thrown in a well

Down ask me I'll never tell

Saw that the economy fell

And he was in my way

I didn't like politics

But then I grew up a bit

Saw the power behind it

And he was in my way

Socialism was a bad call

You can't escape the junta, baby

I just killed Allende

And this is crazy

But I'm your ruler now

Dictator maybe

And all opposers

Say they hate me

But blood must be spilt

For democracy