Before I Kick the Bucket

In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take

About me

My name is Mariam Hassan and I am high school student currently studying in Grade 11, coming from a family of frequent travelers and adventurers. I also alike to my family share the same passion for travel and adventure. My list consists of the different tourism regions (North America, Europe, Asia) and activities, I plan to check off before i kick the bucket.

My Bucket List

#1 on the List

My top bucket list entry would be zorbing in New Zealand with my family. In my travel class, we watched a video and did a study on all the different activities New Zealand has to offer, I was most intrigued by zorbing. Although there is a variety of different forms of adventure tourism available in the country, zorbing was the one that I found most thrilling. Some of the more extreme activities offered in New Zealand such as bungee jumping are not as family friendly and may prove difficult in getting the whole family on board. On the other hand, zorbing can be done downhill or on a flat surface thus catering it to be a family friendly experience. I come from a family of travel enthusiasts and I believe New Zealand would be the perfect place to explore, not only is New Zealand extremely scenic in its lush landscapes but it also the ultimate destination for all extreme sports. One interesting fact about New Zealand is that is also looks quite similar to Canada, with this knowledge it would be easier for me to settle into the country and get used to traveling around. In conclusion, New Zealand truly is a great place with very unique and interesting activities to offer, both of which I plan on exploring with my family in the future.
Zorbing New Zealand

Checked of the list!

My trip to Disney World was definitely an experience that I can now cross of my list. It was a magical experience all in all and completed my wish as a young child to see all my favorite characters come to life.It fulfilled my need for recreational tourism as it was both a fun and relaxing trip at the same time.

Memoirs From Disney