Nitrous oxide in the air

Don't inhale the whip cream

What is Nitrous Oxide

Also know as laughing gas

The compound nitrous oxide is N2O

Its a legal drug but it has to be under federal law

Mostly dentists uses nitrous

How is the drug taken into the body

nitrous oxide is taken by inhale

Slang terms/nicknames for nitrous oxide

1. laughing gas

2. N20

3. buzz bomb

4. shoot the breeze

5. whippets

6.cream chargers

7. hippie crack

8. blue bottle

9. chroming inhalent

10. climax

short term effects of nitrous oxide



blood clots

long term effects

  • dead brain cells
  • deactivates vitamion b-12
  • liver and kidney diseases

signs of abuse

large amount of inhaled gas

dizziness over a long period of time

slurred speech


a way to get high

sometimes used for car racing

stopped bacteria from growing

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