Treating girls Equally

by Maryn Yager


I love my freedom in America. Think of all the girls who aren't treated equally here and in other countries . Why are girls any different than boys here and In other countries? Girls don’t have the same rights as men. Girls need education and they should get paid the same as boys. Whats the difference between us rights wise?

3 reasons

These are some reasons why 1 reason is girls aren't aloud to go to school. Did you know that a girl could be violently attacked for just going outside to attend a class. reason 2 did you know in Afghanistan a girl got shot just for showing her face in public. reason 3 did you know that girls get paid less than men according to global issues girls work more than men but get paid less.

This is the girl that got shot

Girls are not treated equally

Now do you get my point. Girls are NOT TREATED EQUALLY

But we CAN fix it.