Horace Mann High School

News and Notes-Week I Sept. 1-4

Welcome Back!

Thank you all for a great in service and your participation. We are off to a great start!

We continue to have a couple of new students enroll-thank you for your patience as we are trying to get records and access scores and info from other schools.

Oriole Time

Great job this week with our digital citizenship lesson and video. I have also heard from several staff the two questions we asked students to answer anonymously have gathered things for us to think about and share at our faculty meeting next Wednesday.

Please keep your writings and share at our faculty meeting-interesting read I bet and a great way to show our kids we care!

Welcome to our new staff

Thank you again to mentors of new staff-Kelly Maurer-Cori Anderson, Jenny Stahl-Jill Goebel and all other staff for supporting these new members. Thank you for welcoming all as well as Pat Kulibert. We are an awesome staff!


Thank you again to all involved in many curriculum projects this summer, teaching summer school and supporting our summer learners!

Thank you Tom M, Dixie, Jim D, Zac R, Pat K, Ramsey, Doug, Mike, Gerry, Gary, Jenny, Jill and again a huge thank you to Becky and Linda for all their help this summer. If I have missed someone I apologize and let me know!

Haiku, etc

Thank you all for getting started with Haiku-we've had over 3000 hits today for use. This is what we want!

I have seen and heard several great stories of staff collaborating and supporting one another with Haiku. This is a great tool for our families and students-thank you for all your work!

PLC teams thank you for sharing your notes and your goal(in smart goal format). If you have any questions please let me know.

Next week

Please share any items you'd like to see added to our HS faculty meeting agenda.

WE will use a running google doc for our faculty meeting and I will share it with you on Tuesday.

If you have tips/info to share, etc please share!

We will have a fire drill next week-and a safety drill the following week-if you have any questions please let me know.

IEPS have been shared with staff-if you have any questions please let special ed staff know.

I will start informal walk throughs in the next couple of weeks.

Out of Building

Tuesday am for admin meeting except

9/8 Admin at 1:00 p.m.

9/17 Principals meeting Lomira

Assessments and Info

9/8 Y screen will be here in Frosh PE/Health classes next week

9/16 Building Consultation Team meeting-student concerns discussed

September 14-October 2nd STAR assessment-3 week window (staff please confirm which date you will be assessing)

Other events

9/9 5:30 p.m. Senior Parent Meeting with counselors-college application/scholarships, etc

9/11 Annual Tailgate -Oriole Athletic Complex 5pm

9/15 Safety Drill

9/16 Book Club

9/28 Board Meeting 7pm

9/30 Already midquarter progress report


Please let me know what you would like to see added to our news and notes!

Have a great weekend and thank you for all you do to support our students!

Have a great long weekend and enjoy your Labor Day!!