Graves Sailor NEWS

September 11th, 2020

Welcome Back!: Navigating Unchartered Waters

Parents, welcome to remote learning! We know how challenging this transition has been for everyone as we re-design our lives to fit our current circumstances. As a state and nation, we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic while learning how to navigate all of the new technology.

Our school's theme this year is..."Navigating Unchartered Waters".

Our collective success equation this year is PATIENCE+ EMPATHY X COLLABORATION= GROWTH.

Our expectations for our students have always been to instill/promote the love of life long learning, set high expectations and respond to the child's needs. Our needs have been ever changing and we are "navigating unchartered waters", but with mutual support and co-partnership between teachers and families, our sailors will continue to grow. Most of all they will be prepared for a future that is very different from our personal experience within education and jointly we will have shaped a culture of collaboration that is culturally and linguistically responsive.

We are a phone call away, an email away or a live virtual Zoom meeting away. We are in this together! Please be sure to maintain the teacher as your primary point of contact through this remote learning experience. Reaching out to teachers via email and/or a message via the online platforms will be best; however given that teachers are teaching students live for most of the day, please be patient as they will return messages after the duration of live virtual instruction. We are always here to support you. The school main office number is (708) 458- 7260.

Supply Distribution


There will be a second supply distribution day, Tuesday September 15th, coordinated for grades K, 2, 3, 4 . Students will receive their supplies via the Bus Turnaround (Door #7) If you are unable to pick-up your child's supplies please call the office. Please contact the office with any questions.

Below is the schedule:

K: 10:30 a.m.

2nd: 11:30 a.m.

3rd: 12:30

4th: 1:30

CCSD 104 Important Information

CCSD 104 Remote Learning Links

This year, the elementary schools in SD 104 will be using a new learning management system, Seesaw. Much like our use of Class Dojo in the past, Seesaw will allow us to share information with you, and students will use this platform during remote learning. Please continue to visit the SD 104 website for updates. Below are introductory videos to become orientated to the new Seesaw platform.

What is Seesaw? Introduction for Families

Qué es Seesaw? Introducción para las Familias (Español)

Note: Device repairs - Devices needing repair should be brought to the HMS front office. Please include a note of the problem and contact information. Our technology team expects to return most devices the next day.

Graves Elementary School

6021 S. 74th Ave.

Summit, IL 60501

Building Administration:

Guillermina Arteaga, Principal

Kathleen Dunn, Pre-K Director

Vanessa Figueroa, Assistant Principal

Building Secretaries:

Ms. Becky and Ms. Patty

New to the Graves Team

Claribel Guzman, 3rd grade Dual Language Teacher

Molly Manning, Speech Pathologist

Maria Rodriguez, Para-professional (returning)

Remote Learning Expectations

Parents, please review the following list of expectations and support your child in achieving these daily goals:

  • Eat breakfast

  • Be on time

  • Be in a quiet place: Check your surroundings, find a quiet location, wear headphones especially if you share a space with others in your household/childcare center.

  • Be prepared: Computer is charged, have all of your materials at your table/desk

  • Be dressed in appropriate clothing

  • Communication: Mute yourself when your teacher or another student is talking.

  • Be Respectful: kind, considerate and patient, we are all learning something new each day.

  • Participation: Be focused, attentive, be an active participate

Lastly, parents, our goal is to build each child's independence. It will be a gradual process and one that is dependent on their age/stage of development. We need the adults in the life of the child to support the child with the end goal of building their level of independence. Eventually, students may just require an adult to help with the log-in process. Children typically learn to navigate the technological tools at a faster rate than the adults. They can do this! Thank you for your support.