Violence, War and Conflict

Violence, war and conflict happen almost everywhere around the world. It happens most of the time where you least expect it. War can really happen anywhere there is a conflict. For example; if the United States didn't like what another country did they could declare war against them. Another example could be the conflict in Syria. In Syria the President, who didn't really want to become the president, decided it would be a good idea to use nuclear weapons against his citizens. The citizens saw that other countries were rebelling against their president, and decided that they should which only led to war in their country, which wasn't a good idea because the president has all of the nuclear weapons and they are helpless. Violence can be found really anywhere as well. When you hear of gangs fighting that is an example of violence, war can also be considered violence because it is two different groups fighting each other. The last one conflict can be found in a lot of places even at schools. If two people don't agree on something and they start fighting that is considered conflict. So as you can see, these things are everywhere, Syria, North Korea and the U.S.

Call to Action

We need to help them, they won't be able to stand alone. What can you do to help?
This is my story ( A Syrian boy ) قصة طفل سوري