Trailblazer Tidbits

Tony Tobin Elementary - Sunday, August 30, 2020

Message from the Principal

Hello Trailblazer Families,

We finished our second week of school and we "thank you" for your continued efforts and patience. We know that many of you have been having technical difficulties throughout the day since online learning began and we are so sorry for the additional challenges online learning has created. Our teachers and office staff have been trying to support you over the phone and virtually, but sometimes it is just easier to come to the site. Please know that if you have already utilized the tech support resources and contacted a staff member by phone or email, you can call the front office at 951-294-6355 and set up a time to come to school for some in person assistance. Sometimes it is hard to provide assistance virtually and we want to make sure we give you the help you need so your students can be successful. We are in this together and we are here for you!

Here is the link to the district website where you can find many available resources for online learning, but when in doubt, just call us. TVUSD Website

Thank you again for continued efforts and support!

~Mrs. Hernandez

August 22, 2020
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Wednesday, Sept. 2: Wear college gear!

Friday, Sept. 4: Show your Trailblazer Spirit!

Monday, Sept. 7: No School - Labor Day

Library, P.E. and Music Classes will continue on Monday. Please see your teacher's communication (Seesaw/GoogleClassroom/Email) to access Meet Codes/Links. Some of these teachers will be moving towards Zoom to better facilitate student learning. Our teachers have worked hard to remedy some of the glitches from last week.

In addition, your child will work through asynchronous and independent learning as teachers in meetings. Teachers are available during their office hours.

Wonders & IPads


Your child may need to access the language arts curriculum from Wonders. Please know~ in order for the Wonders to work properly on the iPad, please turn off the preset setting for Block Pop-ups.

Go to Settings, go to Safari, and turn off Block Pop-Ups.

Click here for a picture

Click Wonders~Parent/Student Tutorial


You may notice that some teachers will utilize Google Meet or Zoom for synchronous instruction. We wanted to share that our staff is becoming more familiar with Zoom and may choose to implement this resource more regularly. To help your family become more familiar with Zoom we wanted to share some information to help you prepare for Zoom. Below you will find a Step by Step Guide for preparing for Zoom as well as a quick tutorial.

Student Directions for Zoom-Elementary

Click Here

Using Zoom with a TVUSD iPad

Click Here

Student/Parent Tutorials

Click Here

We are very excited to announce that TVUSD has purchased iPads for each one of our elementary students to use! These iPads will be used for Online Learning and when we return to a traditional school setting each student will have 1:1 access to their own school iPad for use during the instructional day.

We understand that the last few weeks have been a little bumpy with learning how to use your current devices, applications, and links, but with the arrival of these new iPads, we will need to make an effort to put iPads into the hands of each and every student. This will be another slight shift in how we do things, but we thank you for your teaming with us and your patience through this transition process.

Please Read if you already have a School iPad .

  1. If you already have a school iPad, you are going to keep the iPad issued to you. There is no need to come to school for pick-up/drop-off.

  2. Please scroll down if you would like to learn about purchasing device insurance for your iPad.

Please Read if you have a School Chromebook.

  1. ALL Chromebooks must be returned to school. You will be contacted for when to return the chromebook and power cord to school.

When you return your school Chromebook and power cord, you will be issued a new iPad and iPad power cord.

  1. Please scroll down if you would like to learn about purchasing device insurance for your iPad.

Please Read if you do not have a School-Issued Device.

  1. Your child will need an iPad. Please plan for school pick-up and our front office will notify you when your iPad is ready for pick-up. Our desire is to have every TTES student using an iPad that has been issued through the school. Our teachers will be transitioning in using Seesaw and other learning platforms/applications that work best with an iPad.

  1. Before you pick-up your new school iPad, we ask that you complete the digital device responsibility form and save time during pick-up. You will click on the Google or Microsoft icon (circled in red in the graphic to the left) to sign in or you will need to create an account if you don't have a current Google or Outlook email. It's a very easy process to create. (For TVUSD staff who are also parents, you should use the staff login button.) Select the link below to complete the process:

Please scroll down if you would like to learn about purchasing device insurance for your iPad.

What if your child has their own personal iPad and you would rather not check out a school iPad?

We highly encourage you to use our school iPad. Our school iPads are new, up to date, and will have Clever, Seesaw, Mobymax, and many more applications already paid for and downloaded. We have also found that if we have any technical issues, we can access and repair those issues in an expedited fashion if a student has a district iPad.

Device Liability Form

A Device Liability form needs to be completed online prior to checking out a school device. Please be sure to hit "submit" when completing the form to ensure it has been completed.

Click Here

Device Insurance is Now Available

We are happy to offer our students and their families device insurance. We know that things happen and so we are now offering insurance to give you peace of mind knowing that you're covered should something occur. The cost is $20 per device for the 20-21 school year.

You can purchase the insurance here ( You will need to create an account if you do not have one already. (Instructions for setting up an account can be found here).

Tony Tobin students are learning, practicing with and utilizing the following behavior expectations as they use devices and participate in Zoom/Google Meets. Please review the expectations with your child/ren.
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Email TTES PTA at:

TTES PTA week 2 announcements

Click the link below for the flyers and membership information!

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Click HERE to join now!
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Now Serving Daily, Monday Through Friday 11 AM - 1 PM


All enrolled TVUSD students are welcome to participate, regardless of what TVUSD school you are enrolled at - come to the middle school closest to you!

Locations for Pick-Up
Bella Vista Middle School - 31650 Browning St. Murrieta, CA
James L. Day Middle School - 40775 Camino Campos Verde Temecula, CA
Erle Stanley Gardner Middle School – 45125 Via Del Coronado Temecula, CA
Margarita Middle School – 30600 Margarita Rd. Temecula, CA
Temecula Middle School – 42075 Meadows Parkway Temecula, CA
Vail Ranch Middle School – 33340 Camino Piedra Rojo Temecula, CA


Meal packs will include 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, a variety of fruits and vegetables, 1/2 gallon 1% white milk & 1/2 gallon juice.


To see if you qualify to receive free or reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program, complete an online application today! Visit for more information, or you can click this link to Apply.

If you do not qualify for the program, you can purchase a 5-day breakfast & lunch meal pack

$22.50 Elementary students

$25.00 Middle school students

$27.50 High school students

Check out our menus!

Note: All items will go home cold/frozen. Recipes and cooking instructions are available here.

We are not accepting payment at the serving sites. You can prepay on PayPams. Or, we will be accepting deposits by cash or check at our central office (31350 Rancho Vista Rd. Temecula, CA) on Mondays. We cannot make change in the central office, please bring the exact amount you would like deposited on your student's account.

If your student requires a meal accommodation or has a food allergy please email Amanda Eberhardt, Assistant Director, at All meal accommodations require a medical note.

If you were participating in the program last school year, we need a new application this school year! Make sure you fill yours today—it’s quick and easy! Click Here to Apply.

TVUSD Update

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