Willmot Walkabout

Week 6, Term 4

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The Week In View...

Monday -
  • Jill returns from Long Service Leave - welcome back Jillo!
  • Alison Skelton is on leave.
  • Active After School Communities

Tuesday -

  • Remembrance Day- please refer to the outline for what is happening on the day (in the bits and pieces section in the Walkabout.)
  • Anne will be at a Principal induction training from 1.00-4.30pm at Marayong.
  • Sandra and Sharon at Sista Speak from 1.00-3.00pm at Noumea PS
  • UWS will be presenting to all staff from 3.00-3.45pm about the Emotional Language project they have been involved in with us this year (Phil and Bron to organise this - most probably in the library.)

Wednesday -
  • Communication meeting 8.30am
  • Sylvia out at an EALD training day
  • Active After School Communities

  • Danielle and Anne presenting at National Collection Disability Data panel at Lethbridge Park PS from 7.45-9.30am.
  • Tyrese to return from suspension

  • Sue Harris and Alison Skelton at Emotional Language training day at UWS. Tyrese to be placed in 5/6S for the day.
  • Active After School Communities
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Staffing Arrangements for 2015

I know that many of you are asking about our staffing arrangements for 2015. I plan to catch up with all temporary teaches this week to let them know the outcome of their EOI. I am also waiting to hear from the DEC re our nominated transfer. Hopefully this will be in the next few days or by end of week.
Once we have this part finalised we will then be able to bed down plans for 2015.
Thank you for your patience!

Remembrance Day Commeration - Details from Phil

On Tuesday we are asking our school to stop for a few minutes and observe Remembrance Day and the 96th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended the First World War. While ANZAC Day tends to be the focus of most commemoration within Australia, we’d still like to have a chance for our school community to acknowledge the significance of what the day represents.
On Monday morning I’ll talk to our school on the assembly about how we will pay our respects as a school. Also, I’ll deliver either a Remembrance Day or Anzac Day poster into each classroom to be displayed. You might also like to take a few minutes to discuss the significance of Remembrance Day and the following links have a lot of resources available to help:
The next link is from the Behind the News archives and has links to several past stories on Remembrance Day, the ANZACs and indigenous soldiers which are all “kid friendly”.
Then on Tuesday morning, the recess eating time bell will be pushed back by about ten minutes. At approximately 10:55am I will make an announcement for all of our teachers & students to stop what they are doing and to please stand quietly in their rooms. Our student leaders will each speak briefly about the significance of Remembrance Day, while also lowering our flags to half mast.
After their short talk, the last post will be played over our indoor & outdoor PA systems. This will be followed by a minute’s silence, then the rouse. After this, The Ode will be read aloud and all students and staff will be able to repeat the last line “we will remember them”. The student leaders will then thank everyone and we will proceed to eating time/recess.
I realise that this is a bit of a different morning, but thankyou for supporting this event.
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Willmot Whisper Articles due from....

  • Year 5 and 6 - (could Kelly and Tracie put something together please)
  • Kindergarten - (could Sarah and Emma put something together please)
  • Choir (could Marsha put something together please)
  • Literacy Team (could Bronwyn put an update together please)

Please put your article on common drive / Whisper Articles / Term 4 / Week 6

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Early Action for Success Update

PLAN data extract for Week 5

I just wanted to give my sincere apologies to K-2 staff re their PLAN data entry that was due this week. The first email I received from state office required all data from the whole K-6 school. The second email requested just K-2 data and only in particular areas.
However, when Bron and I tried to approve the data on Friday afternoon we realised that it could not be approved without completion for all of the data for all areas K-2.
State office have given us an extension to approve the data by tomorrow.
Bronwyn and I also checked the data pretty closely so that it aligned with the recent assessments that occurred in your classrooms. We will be discussing this at the K-2 meeting tomorrow afternoon. We also hope to emulate this process for data feedback with years 3-6.

If you have not had a close look at the PLAN data from Term 3 (attached to this post), please do so when you get a chance. Remember, it is our ultimate goal that A-E reporting and PLAN data should correlate. Part of my PARS this term was to keep a close eye on discrepancies between data sources from A-E and PLAN as well as regular whole school / grade / class assessments. There should be very few surprises when we are trying to align our results!

Instructional Leader position
Our Instructional Leader position was advertised in last week's SchoolBiz. Jo Marshall, Director of Schools for Eastern Creek will convene the panel. We will let you know an outcome as soon as possible.
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It was a huge week for the PBL team last week! We are glad to say that all of the designs for our signs have now been submitted and fingers crossed they will be ready and installed before WisH day! Great job team!

Mascot Clue No.3

Here's a tiny snapshot clue number 3... Please encourage your students to enter the mascot guessing competition with the students over the coming weeks in the lead up to WisH Day. What fun!
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WisH Day

Thanks for everyone pitching in to help out with WisH Day organisation. It is going to be a great fun day for kids, families and community!

You will notice that the timing on the day has changed. It now finishes at 2.30pm. This will give us enough time to do both workshops for the kids and parents as well as have some fun with rides and stalls etc.
We will open the day with a formal assembly under the COLA near canteen. Aunty Edna will give a traditional 'Welcome to Country'. We will also ask Prue Car, Charlie Lowles and local boy, Craig Dack (motor cross rider) to speak about their wishes for Willmot School and the community.

This will be a brief assembly hopefully before we break students off int to their rotating workshops (please see draft outline attached to this post.) We appreciate any feedback you have to the plan. We will also keep you posted with any other information adn expectations of staff before and on the day.

Just a reminder that your artworks for WisH Day are due on 19th November - theme is What are their wishes, hopes and dream for Willmot PS and Willmot Community and for themselves. I am very excited about some I have seen so far. Thanks to Nic for agreeing to video her kids so that we can play their wishes on the projector / laptop in the hall.
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FYI - Education Minister - Adrian Piccoli's Press Release last Friday...

Friday 7 November 2014 TEACHERS KEEP LEARNING TO IMPROVE STUDENTS Students across NSW will benefit from an unprecedented agreement between the Department of Education and Communities and the NSW Teachers Federation to create a professional development plan for every NSW public school teacher. “Like all professions, it is essential for teachers to continue learning — and it is this philosophy that is at the heart of the Performance and Development Framework which will start next year,” said Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli. “Teachers and principals will be given clear expectations of how they can develop their capacity as educators as well as access to professional learning resources.” The NSW Government has committed an additional $17 million for teacher professional development — an increase of 50 per cent. From 2016 all teachers will be required to undertake 100 hours of professional development every five years to retain their continuing accreditation. The Performance and Development Framework will be implemented for the 2015 school year and will complement the wide-ranging reforms of the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning initiative that were introduced last year. Mr Piccoli said the Framework recognises the importance of teaching quality and ongoing professional development on every student’s results. “To improve student performance we need to maintain an unrelenting focus on the quality and capacity of our teaching workforce,” Mr Piccoli said. “As teachers, principals and executives build their knowledge, skills and experience through professional learning, we know that their impact on students is more focused and effective, which reveals itself in better results.” The Performance and Development Framework process will include: • preparing relevant and achievable individual performance and development plans and school or workplace learning plans; • setting professional goals every year; • sourcing and supporting professional learning; • identifying evidence of professional progress; and • engaging in reflection and feedback to refine goals and learning. This will culminate with an annual review for every teacher, principal and executive to support their plans for the next cycle. The NSW Government has also introduced a streamlined approach to manage teachers who are unwilling or unable to perform at the expected high standards, Mr Piccoli said. “Teachers who fail to perform to expected standards can be stood down from the classroom in 10 weeks – about half the time it previously took a principal to tackle underperformance,” he said. Mr Piccoli said the Framework had been negotiated by the Department of Education and Communities and the NSW Teachers Federation. "I know the teaching profession is committed to delivering quality outcomes for our students and this Framework provides teachers with the support and resources needed for ongoing professional learning,” Mr Piccoli said.

And a response from the NSW Teachers's Federation can be found on the home page of their website

Why books in homes are so important and why we need to focus on the explicit teaching of vocabulary...

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Children as authors and illustrators - amazing stuff - maybe a goal for next year?

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Random acts of knitting and love hit The Riff this week....

Got to love a bit of knitting in nature. Sure to make anyone happy....
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