Home Design of the Future

Gr.9 Academic Science

Sustainable Ecosystems

1.How would you create a "green" environment around your home? which plants would you include in your design? Why?

I would create a green environment around my home by drying all my clothes by hands and in the warmer months hanging them out on the clothes line. using your washer and dryer takes up a lot of water and energy and some people do 1-2 loads of laundry A DAY! so by reducing that would be very environmentally friendly and cheaper. also, i will have a garden to grow all healthy vegetables and fruits. having a garden would save you money on buying food and it also limits the gas you would have been using to go to the grocery store. leaving things plugged in while you are not home or not using it wastes energy that you are not even using. so by unplugging appliances that are not in use at that given time you are saving valuable energy and money. in my home i would have a green house which is where i would store all my plants, so i could have fresh food all year round. my house would be in new Zealand which is in a deciduous forest biome. the average rainfall is 30 to 60 inches a year which isn't much but i will water my own plants.

2. What plants would you "farm" in your vegetable garden? Why? what types of pesticides and fertilizers would you use in your garden? are there any you would avoid? Explain.

In my garden i would farm cucumbers, peppers, carrots, lettuce, basil, raspberries, apples, pears, chives, tomatoes, cilantro, mint and rosemary. by having a garden it would help me eat healthy because its not like you can grow chips and cookies, this will save me a lot of money on gas also money that i wouldn't been spending on groceries. in my green house i would not use pesticides because they would dwmagemy crops and i wouldn't want to risk contaminating my food that is going to go into my body. i would use fertilizers because some are naturally in soil and i would obviously use soil to grow my plants.

3. what mode of transportation would you choose to park in your driveway? why?

in my driveway i would have a bike, because a car takes up to much gas and pollutes the air a lot. a bike is safe, easy and very environmentally friendly. also since i will be living in new Zealand i love the idea of biking everywhere, they have such nice weather.

4. what types of waste management systems would you include in your home design?

i would have a garbage bin, a recycling bin, and a compost bin. there would be a special place in my greenhouse for all my compost. also for easy access i would have a garberator in my kitchen sink.

5. which endangered species would your family sponsor at your local zoo? why?

At the local zoo me and my family would sponsor a panda because they are going extinct slowly and pandas are both of my parents favourite animals, so they would be very interested in sponsoring and helping the pandas. pandas ares so cute they are also one of my favourite animals, i love the way they look with there black and white spotted fur.

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

1. Research three chemicals found in your home which can be toxic to humans or your pets

  • sodium hypo chlorine found in my pool is very toxic
  • swiffer wet jet has anti freeze and is very harmful to pets
  • febreze has ethyl acetate which is also very toxic to pets and humans

2. Choose one of the chemicals and identify the elements which make up this chemical. Choose one of these elements and draw the Bohr-Rutherford diagram for it.

3. Which group or chemical family of the periodic table is this element located in?

Chlorine is in column 17 in the halogens and sodium is in column 1 in the alkali metals.

4. is your chosen element a metal, non-metal, or metalloid?

chlorine is a non-metal but sodium is a metal.

The Characteristics of Electricity

1. what type of electrical energy source will you use for your home? how sustainable is your choice of energy source for future generations?

for my house i would use a water heater, they are energy efficient and save you money! water heaters are very sustainable and they make ones that can be powered up by solar panels.

2. What types of physical structures make a house more nervy efficient? how can you design a home that will reduce wasted energy?

Physical things that make a house more energy efficient is planting a lot of trees and shrubs to provide shade, also making sure your walls and attic are well insulated because effective insulation slows down the rate of heat that flows out of the house in the winter or into the house in the summer so less energy is required to heat and cool the house. make sure your windows are good and not old and leaky, otherwise the heating and cooling bills will be out of the window, literally!

3. what type of appliances will you choose for your home? explain why you have chosen these appliances? you may want to choose those that have an Energuide label or follow the energy star program.

For the appliances in my house i would buy everything from Energuide, like for example my fridge, washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher. i chose these appliances because they use a lot of energy so if we go them to go green it would save money, energy, and planet earth!

4. what type of lightbulbs would you include in your home design? why?

my home will run on CFL's, that is a lightbulb that uses a lot less energy and is better for the environment. yes it costs bait extra but in the long term effect it will be worth it because it lasts a lot longer than the average light bulb. i would also have a lot of windows so there would be a lot of natural light.

The Study of the Universe

1. Include at least two different types of technology in your future home that has been developed or researched due to space exploration. describe how these technologies were invented.

Some things i will have in my house that have been researched and developed due to space exploration would be a cordless vacuum and also a water purifier because those are two very useful smart inventions that would make my life simpler.