Coniferous Forest Biome Project

By:Salem Nassar

Abiotic Factors

~Very Cold and will go to about -60 Degrees

~Very Dry and fires are easily started

~Fires start very easily but can be very useful and help other trees spread there seeds.

~They get very little rain and or snow and they don't get much moisture

~Where they are on earth changes the way the days and seasons are there days vary in length depending on season

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Biotic Factor

~The Taiga is a big forest that has evergreen trees everywhere

~There are deer that keep the vegetation on a somewhat stable level preventing complete overpopulation of plants

~The Bears feed on the deer and keep from overpopulation

~Wolves are feeding on the rabbits and other small animals

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What is a taiga biome and how is it used and how does it act

The Taiga biome is know for it being a cold dry forest. We need it to keep the different species of animals that depend on the biome to survive. It also is a big source of wood pulp. They only get about 12 to 30 inches of rain a year. The temperature ranges from -60 to 25 degrees.

How do we Harm this biome.

~We chop down acres of the trees in this biome for wood and to make paper because the trees there can be made into paper more easily

~We can over hunt for deer and rabbits and the other wildlife in the taiga and this could lead to extinction of the species

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How can we Help this biome.

~If we hunt a lot less and let the animals control the population it won't go so low and then we won't have to take steeper measures to ensure that the species don't go extinct

~If we don't chop down so many trees in the area at a time to try not to destroy the biome and its inhabiting creatures

Fun Facts

~Taiga is a Russian word for forest

~Some of the trees in the taiga are over 3,000 years old and counting