5 March 2021

TSUNAMI updates

I would like to thank our community and our wonderful children for the way they dealt with the ever-changing events of today. I also want to thank all the staff for the care and support they showed to everyone throughout the day.

Our children started the day with a beautiful Hui led by Whakapono and our Communication ambassadors. We then went smartly into a Tsunami drill evacuation that kept us at our evacuation point for a little longer than we would have liked. We did this because of how quickly information was arriving and a lot of uncertainty. All the children were able to have water and morning tea while waiting patiently. Once again thank-you for the swift response when collecting your children which meant they were with their families.

We have a number of bags that did not get collected because we didn't have time initially, they are all in the office and can be collected at your convenience.

It's great to know our messaging works and systems are there to support our children.

Have a fantastic weekend and I'm sure I will be in contact in regards to COVID 19 over the weekend.

Nga Mihi