...dead or alive


Adolf Hitler - $50,000


Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 in a small Austrian town called Braunau, near to the German border. His father - Alois - was fifty-one when Hitler was born. He was short-tempered, strict and brutal. It is known that he frequently hit the young Hitler.

Hitler’s mother, Clara, was the opposite of Alois. She was very caring and loving and she frequently took Hitler’s side when his father’s poor temper got the better of him. She was extremely fond of her son and for the rest of his life, Hitler carried a photo of his mother with him where ever he went. The end of Hitler's life was in 1945.


Adolf Hitler saw Christianity as a religion fit for slaves. He thought that Blond haired blue eyed people were the best and that jews should be killed, even though he was part jewish. Hitler did not believe in God and was a rationalist with no appreciation for the spiritual side of human life.


The main reason Hitler was wanted was because he killed innocent people every day. He believed that blond haired blue eyed white people needed to conquer all other races that he felt were impure as well as "non-master race quality humans." Violated the Treaty of Versailles by failing to pay off war debts from WW1, by invading the Rhineland, and by creating a larger army than what was allowed. He caused WW2 by invading multiple countries, and ordering the Nazi's to kill millions of jews.