On This Day 15 Years Ago...

September 8th, 2000

Weather on September 8th, 2000

The moon is in its apogee, or farthest point away from earth (picture on right)
On my birthday it was a cool sunny day with an average temperature of 64 degrees. No rain or snow was recorded.

Prices on Septmeber 8th, 2000

  • Post Stamp- 45cents
  • economy car- 17,500 (Toyota Camry)
  • gallon of milk- $2.88
  • going to the movies- $5.39
  • gallon of gas- $1.5
  • pair of jeans- $150

Famous People and Events on this day

Similar Birthday: Pink(singer), Avicii(DJ), Cameron Dallas(youtuber), Wiz Kalifa(rapper), Bernie Sanders(politician)
On this day: President: George H.W. Bush
Toy: Teksta the Robotic Dog
Movies: Anatomie, The Way of the Gun
Movie Stars: Tom Cruis, George Clooney, Tom Hankes
Sport Stars: Venus Williams, Yankees won world series
T.V shows: Gilmore Girls, CSI
Music: Eminem was artist of the year, Smashing Pumpkins broke up, and Britney Spears shifted her image
Books: Homeless Bird (Gloria Whelan), In the Heart of the Sea (Nathanial Philbrick)
Food: Cupcakes, bacon
Fashion: Streak hair highlights, live strong bracelets, bow ties, digital watches, v-necks
Events: DAY
  • Scotch tape was created
  • space shuttle Atlantis was launched into orbit
  • Venus Williams won her second U.S open
  • Harvard Collage is established
  • Hurricane strikes Texas killing 6,000
  • Republic of Albania joins world trade convention
  • China, a truck carried explosions and 100 died
  • Rwanda, 51 citizens were killed by government troops
  • Ecuador, a dollar became official currency
  • Russia, crime boss Gocha Tsagrennshivll was killed


Zodiac sign- Virgo
Chinease Sign- I'm a dragon
5545 days old!