Ms. Mary's Class

Class 2C at the Elementary School, ASD, Doha.

Week 18, January 17th, 2016

Dear Parents,

Let's Do the Math Together is returning. Please join Carol Little to practice the strategies of adding and subtracting within 200. See the flyer below and fill it out in Google Forms to sign up. We hope to see you there!

Kind Regards,

Mary Mulqueen

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This week: Add and subtract multiples of 10 and some ones within 100.

Using the Arrow Method
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Big image week...Solve one- and two-step word problems within 100 using strategies based on place value

Subject Updates

    Math: New strategies for notating mental math were taught this week along with review of those previously learned. Students practiced decomposing numbers into tens and ones, with number bonds, in order to add by place or make the nearest ten. The arrow way notation was practiced with addition and subtraction allowing students to add up or count back at their comfort level. If you have a chance to attend the interactive information session this coming Monday, Carol, our math coordinator, will be demonstrating the addition and subtraction strategies taught in this unit.
      Reading: Similar to how students warm-up for sport, they also ‘warm-up’ for reading by previewing the story. Earlier this year students learned about sneak peeks and we continue to practice. We’ve been peeking into realistic fiction books with characters who give us something to talk (and write) about. Students have also been capturing their ideas on Post-its or in their reading journals. While listening to books read aloud, students are thinking about why they think the way they do about a character. We’ve been practicing supporting our thinking using sentence frames: I think 'character’s name' is ........... because ............... No matter which fiction book your child is reading, there will usually be a who, wanting something, acting a certain way for a certain reason. The discussion part is often based around ‘why is the character behaving that way?’ We’ve had some wonderful discussions this week!
        Writing: Authors develop characters through various techniques to allow readers to connect/empathize. Students have been noticing and/or practicing using dialogue in their own stories. They have also been attempting to write about character's actions that 'show-don't-tell', and making characters believable to readers through their actions, motivations, struggles, etc.
        Science: This week students were introduced to the concept of seasons around the world. While some places have 4 distinct seasons others may just have 2, a dry and wet season. Students also learned that seasons are different in the northern and southern hemisphere. Take a moment to talk about the seasons in your home country with your child and decided how many seasons there are.

        IXL practice for this Math unit

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        The Beaufort Scale measures the wind

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        Hour of Code - learning to code / program

        Go to to find out about Hour Of Code, then ask your child what they have learned already. For those students who are interested, I am offering guided lessons in coding during our Explore time for the next few weeks. Many students wanted to continue the coding activity at home, so please help them with accessing the following, appropriate tutorials...

        Upcoming Events...

        New Entry to Campus Procedures

        Starting January 17th, 2016 there will be some changes for students and parents entering the ASD Campus​ supporting student safety.​ ​All students will be required to scan their Dragon Wristband entering and exiting the campus. It is recommended that you remind your child to wear their wristband daily. Replacement Dragon bands may be purchased at the front desk of the Administrative entrance for 50 qr. Wristbands will be distributed to Lower Elementary Students next week by their teachers. Your child's dragon band will be labeled with their name on a key tag. We kindly ask parents to keep this label on the wrist band for easy identification.

        Parents and domestic staff will not be permitted through Gate 5 for morning drop off.​ ​Students​ may enter through Gate 5 using their wristbands and teachers will be there to supervise starting at 7:40 am. Parents wishing to accompany their children to classes are asked to enter through Gates 8 & 10. ​

        Pick-up procedures will remain the same, parents will be able to enter and exit the campus through Gate 5 from 2:45 - 4:15 PM. Pick up procedures for PACT Tuesdays and our Pre-K Students will also remain the same, parents will be able to enter through Gate 5 at 12:15 PM. We kindly ask parents and guests to enter through Gate 8 during the school day. We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we work to keep our school safe and continue the improvements to the ASD campus.

        ASD 2016 Calendars FOR SALE! ​

        The 2016 ASD Calendars will be for sale in the Elementary Office starting Sunday December 6th. These make great gifts for friends and family, get yours today!

        Tuesday After School Activity Pick Up

        Parents picking up students from After School Activities on Tuesdays should enter through Gate 8. A kind reminder to all parents to bring and display your ASD Dragon Card at all times while on campus.

        Playground Reminders

        Students are not allowed on the playground equipment at Gate 5 until after 3:15 PM. Children MUST be supervised by an adult at all times. Adults must be present on the playground and be able to see your child(ren). If children are left unsupervised they will be asked to leave the playground immediately for safety reasons.

        Reminder: Principals’ Coffee

        Our next Lower Elementary Principals’ Coffee is scheduled for January 19, 2016. Our music teachers will be hosting a music education session to introduce parents to the Elementary music curriculum and the role of music in a child’s life.

        In addition, we will be introducing a new component to our Principals’ Coffees and that is a Parent Forum. There will be time devoted at every Principals’ Coffee for the remainder of the school year for a Parent Forum, during which the principals will address general themes raised by parents, which have been submitted in advance. Please attend the Principals Coffee for more information.

        Nut Allergies

        There are students in your child’s class who have nut allergies. A child with nut allergy can develop mild or severe reactions if they come in contact with the said allergen. Please take note of the following measures:

        · Please be considerate of your child’s classmates when sending in snacks (avoid sending any nuts or nut products)
        · Children should be encouraged to wash their hands before and after lunch, prior to returning to the classroom to avoid any cross-contamination.
        · For any special occasions, please be reminded that any food brought in to the class should be nut free.

        Please contact the nurse office or your homeroom teacher if you have any questions or concern. Thank you for your cooperation
        Raz Kids

        So many more reading resources here. Class name username is mmulqueen2, no password is required.

        BrainPop Jnr

        Userame is ASDOHA. Password is Dragons. Great Science videos here