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January 2014

Let's Celebrate 2013!

Congratulations to ALL of you.
This was a year to remember - and I know 2014 is going to be even better!

We sold $718,732.00 in ACCESSORIES!

THAT'S INSANELY EXCITING for our team, we are sharing a lot of stella & dot!

We added 62 stylists to our team, we have almost doubled in size!

Look at all our leaders~

Associate Director
Rachel Schwemmer

Star Stylist
Jen Cavorsi

Senior Stylists
Chris Corcoran

Kristen McLaughlin

Julie Smith

Kelly Smith

and look at these ladies on their way to leadership in 2014~

Lead Stylists

Lynn Brown

Amy Mallory
Michelle Ferreira

Rebecca Peterson

Christin D'itri

Rose McStay

Kristin Daiello

Leslie Herrion

Sarah Mansmann

Theresa McCulloch

Tracy Angelo

Megan Garrison

Courtney Vadnais

Lisa Moore

Lori Jean

Top in Sales for 2013
Rachel Schwemmer $63,528
Kelly Smith $37,338
Chris Corcoran $37,293
Jen Cavorsi $31,612
Courtney Vadnais $29,027

These ladies all sold over $20,000 this year!

Theresa McCulloch

Kristen McGlaughlin

Leslie Herrion

Rebecca Peterson

LET'S KEEP IT UP IN 2014 - Get Our Favorite Things!

Everyone knows in our business that their favorite things are TRUNK SHOWS!

A trunk show is where the heart of your business lies - you meet new customers, new hostesses, and new stylists for your team at an IN-PERSON trunk show.

Be sure to follow along with our steel cit dot FB team page to get in on the fun next week~ we will be sharing tips and giving prizes, but most importantly we will be booking our January calendars FULL!


Be sure to check out the "Brighten Your Spring" section of the Stylist Lounge to get in on the best kick-off to your 2014 - attending a local rally & circle of success training! Home Office is giving away fun prizes at each event and the training is the perfect way to kick off your 2014.

Check out the full list of events all over the country here.

And the Pittsburgh Area event can be found here.

The New Line is Coming!

Check out everything you need to know about the new line launch for ALL stylists on January 9 here

The digital launch (for Stylist's Eyes!) is on January 4.

Let's Make the Most of 2014!

I hope you'll take some time and look at what you want out of your business in 2014 - the sky is the limit and your team is here to help you get there! Please send me a personal message if you'd like to set up some time to talk about your plan and goal for 2014.

Steel City Dots

Rachel Schwemmer, Associate Director