Children's Hospital

Help Children who are Sick

How we Help Children who are Sick

We help children who are sick by giving them medicine and a place to call home. We also give a soft teddy bear to every child who is sick.

How can you Help this Charity?

You can help this charity by donating money, register to hold a Bandaged Bear Breakfast or by purchasing other merchandise.

Interesting Facts!

  • Each year the money raised from selling Bandaged Bear merchandise helps the lives of 70, 000 sick children.
  • Bear cottage is the first children's hospice in NSW.
  • Bandaged Bears was first established in 1880.
  • When first established, Bandaged Bears had 3000 workers in 150 apartments.

Bandaged Bears' Latest Project

Bandaged Bears latest project is the Bandaged Bears Breakfast 2013.