Language poems

Zamara Geisinger

EdBuncee Poem

All my creativity out together in one

Haiku poem

The soaring bird

Flew through a cloud

And on the other side was a butterfly

Blank verse poem

Babe Ruth was a very good at baseball

He smoke a drank a lot

He hit many home runs, and had many RBIs

He played for the New York Yankees

But he never used a hankie

Cinquain poem

These be

3 loud things..... A baby crying, a truck

Just before it takes off, a crowd of a ball game

Just as one hits a home run

Limerick poem

There once was a dog

Who really liked bogs

He liked to have fun

So she took him on a run

And that was very fun!

Quatrain poem

I buried my dog today

I did not see how she died

I found her dead on the side of the rode

And I cried

I got a crate and dug a deep hole

To leave my dog would be wrong

I picked up a toy for her grave

And sang a sweet song

Tomorrow when I see her grave

And when I go to my trampoline

I'll think about my baby dog

Who always made me happy

I wonder poem

I wonder how leaves change colors

What makes them fall off the trees?

Why are they green in the summer?

I wonder if people will be able to fly someday

How will they fly?

Could it b far ahead in the future?

I wonder who wrote the first book

What was it about?

What did they write it with?

I wonder what will happen when I die

What will people invent?

How much longer will Earth last?

I wonder if I will get to play softball for a college

What college will I get into?

How long will I be waiting?

I wonder why I love softball

Why is softball so fun?

Why is softball my favorite sport?

I wish poem

I wish

I could talk to animals

And they could talk back

And they would listen and understand

I wish

I was Luna off of Harry Potter

And had long think white hair

I wish

I could build an animal shelter

All the story dogs and animals could go there

They would never die

I wish

My dog could live forever

She would never get old

And was always full of energy and ready to go

And I wish

She will never run away

I wish

I could fly

I could go anywhere I wanted

It would cost me nothing

I wish

I had a pillow tags could record my dreams

When I wake up I could watch them

I would watch them over and over again

I used to be....but now....

I used to be a giraffe

Very tall, soft, and loving

And I could get food whenever I wanted

But now I am a rhino

Very strong and dangerous

People don't mess with me

I used to think softball was hard

The bat was to heavy

But now I love softball

It is easy and very fun

I used to be a four-wheeler

But now I am a side-by-side

You'd better get out of the way

I used to be pink

All girly and bright

But now I am blue

All cool and fun

I used to be a book

People always turned my pages and enjoyed me

But now I am an apple that worms live in and people eat

Clerihew poems

Zamara Ann

Rides in a van

And just for fun

She makes buns

Tom Brady

Dislikes Miss Katy

And just for kicks

He plays tricks

Terse verse poems

Things outside



Funny noises



Found poem

The Greatest Ballplayer who ever lived

The Great Bambino

The Sultan of Sweat

The Big Bam


The Big Fellow

The Caliph of Clout


The Behemoth of Bust