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Errol Hassell Family News- October 9, 2020


EHSL Spotfiy Playlist, expertly curated by Mrs. Palmer, will feature different music each month.

Hornet Happenings

Office open 8am-4pm Monday-Friday

Call (503) 356-2090 or come by!

School Hours: 8 a.m. - 11 a.m., noon- 2 p.m.

Tuesdays 10:30-12:30 Outdoor Library in the back of the school

Tuesdays 11-noon Curbside food pick up for all children up to age 18

Tuesdays 11- noon Curbside food boxes

Thursdays 11-noon Food pick up for all children up to age 18

BSD News (and beyond)

Sesame Street Antiracism Special on HBO and PBS October 15


Reading and Writing: Teachers' College Units of Study

Math: Math Workshop

Science: Twig (More info coming soon. This is a new adoption)


- Mental Health Resources (NEW!)

- Family Toolkit

Nurse News (*NEW!)

Do you have concerns about the amount of screen time your child is accessing each day during comprehensive distance learning? It used to be that doctors recommended strict guidelines on how much screen time was too much for a given age. New guidelines issued this year by the American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes, especially with distance learning, that screen time can be useful and beneficial if balanced with non-screen time. When deciding how to develop your family’s screen time plan outside of distance learning it’s important to keep these tips in mind:

1. Modeling healthy limits and behaviors with screens is important. Create family non-screen times such as during meals, 30-60 minutes before bed, or other family times.

2. Make a point to engage in non-screen activities together such as reading, exercising, talking to each other, or playing games.

3. Engage with your child and their technology by asking questions about what they’re doing, why they enjoy it, what they’re learning, or maybe participate together in the electronic activity or game.

4. Media and content online can be positive and negative, use parental controls and know what your child is watching so that your child has a positive experience.

5. Create reasonable time limits for screen time as a family by encouraging your child to help determine how much daily screen time is enough, then stick to it.

6. Try not to let your children have unlimited screen time over the weekends or school breaks, continue to stick to your screen time plan even during unstructured times.

7. Social media can be an important way for adolescents to engage and interact with peers and our society. Having a conversation with them about healthy boundaries online, unrealistic norms, and how their feelings may be influenced by what they are seeing is a good way to connect and support your adolescent.

For more information about screen time effects, and resources for creating a screen time plan please visit:

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Academy of Pediatrics: Create your family media plan

Greater Good Science Center: Risks of too much screen time for teens

Reference: Morin, A. (2020). How much should you limit kids’ screen time and electronics use: The American Academy of Pediatrics’ screen time guidelines. Verywell Family.

Danielle Gonzalez is our school nurse here at Errol Hassell. She can be reached at

Talented and Gifted

Every year, students are considered for Talented and Gifted services in the Beaverton School District. These services are provided by your child's classroom teacher(s). Oregon law and District policy define gifted students as those who score at or above the 97th percentile on a standardized, nationally normed test of mental ability and/or academic achievement in reading and/or math. Behavioral, learning, and/or performance information is also considered before a student is identified for TAG services.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our current reality of Comprehensive Distance Learning, our evaluation process will look different this year. We will administer in-person TAG testing after January 11, 2021. Until then, teachers will collect evidence on how your student responds to differentiation within their comprehensive learning classroom. This evaluation may include: file reviews, teacher and student observations, a collection of work samples, and/or individual or group assessments. This process may take some time, but every effort will be made to complete the evaluation in a timely manner. Parents will be notified of their school’s in-person testing dates in January.

If you think your child might qualify for TAG services, you may wish to complete the Parent Information Form that is available here and return it to the school office or your child's teacher. Completing this form gives our school TAG Committee more information about your child, but it is not required. All qualified students will be considered regardless of the form’s completion.

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EHSL Library

There are three(!) ways to check out books at Errol Hassell.

1) Come by the school Tuesdays 10:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

2) Reserve a book online and we will have it ready for pick up in the office within 48 hours. If you do not see a notice in your child's EHSL library account within 48 hours, please email Mrs. Plew at

  1. How to get to destiny:
  2. How to use destiny and place a hold:


We are so looking forward to seeing our Errol Hassell students during our Thursday Book Bus library checkout!

The bus will be leaving Errol Hassell school at 1:30 every Thursday and will be at each stop for approximately 20 minutes. We will have book bundles ready for students to checkout. You may also turn in books that you no longer need. Please see the three bus stops below and choose the one best for your family.

1:30pm-2:00pm SW 184TH AVE @ SW FALLATIN LOOP


2:43-3:13pm CHAMPIONS PARK

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Beaverton City Library

BCL to Go curbside check out service

How to use Sora

Youth Access Card Video

BCL to Go upgrade: no appointment needed AND Murray Scholls!

We’ve upgraded BCL to go in two big ways:

    1. You can pick up your holds at Murray Scholls
    2. No appointment needed!

During service hours, drop-by either Beaverton City Library location (Hall Blvd. For Main, and the Walgreens entrance at Murray Schools) and we’ll bring your books out to you. For folks who prefer to make an appointment for faster service, that is still an option.

Virtual Family Resource Fair Saturday, October 17, 2020, Noon at BCL

Are there ways local organizations could be helping your family? We will be talking to some of our local partner organizations about their services they are currently offering to families. our video conversations will be posted at noon on the Beaverton City Library's Facebook page.

Hispanic Heritage Month & Ready, Set, Kindergarten in Spanish

The Beaverton City Library will be "dropping" 4 special videos that celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with 123 Andres on our YouTube Channel. We’re also offering a virtual kindergarten-readiness series for Spanish speakers ("En sus marcas, listos, Kinder!").

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BSD Meal Info

Meal benefits application

Clothes Closet

Errol Hassell Community Room. If you have connections for donations of (new and gently used) clothes, toiletries, books, and shelf stable food, please email Cynthia Moffett ( or bring in your donation Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 4 p.m..

Amazon Smile

Connect your Amazon app to Amazon Smile. Earn dollars for Errol Hassell PTO every time you shop. (Instructions here)

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