A vacation that never ends


Shoreville is all about living in paradise. It was made for people who love soaking up the sun tanning on the beach, walking the boardwalk, or surfing in the shore. Even though it's like a never ending summer vacation, there are a few laws everybody needs to obey to keep our island safe, pleasing and a paradise. Some of them are; No racism, No stealing, No party crashers (only people who love to relax and have fun), and NO CRUSTY FEET! ShoreVille is it's own island but America can be reached by a 3 hour plane ride. It is mostly beach, but there is also a city on ShoreVille. It is the beach of New Jersey and the city of New York. The beach has beautiful light sand and beautiful blue water. There is a long boardwalk filled with games, rides and shops to buy clothes at.

Reason for existence

ShoreVille exists for people who love the East Coast, but want the paradise feel of an island. I made it for people like me who think the best place on earth is the city but can't live without the shore. It's purpose is to be a paradise for people of all ages, weather your paradise is living in an apartment in the city, or practically living on the beach. ShoreVille was also made so the people who love the city but can't live without the beach are just ten minutes away from every direction. ShoreVille was made for people with a desire to live in a never ending summer vacation.

Community members

The people who live in ShoreVille are people who love to have fun. People who don't like the city should not live here. It's a place for people who think paradise is not having any worry's and being able to just go to the beach every day. The people who live here are awesome and chill. Everybody is welcome, as long as you're not a party-crasher. Young or old, crazy party-er or relaxer, nobody is judged or not welcome. Everybody fits in if you just want to have a good time and live in paradise. We do, however, kick people out who do not follow the few rules we have. If you can't live with other people in peace and just have a good time you don't belong in ShoreVille.

American dreams

For some people the "American Dream" is to live in a nice house and have nice cars, but for some people it's ShoreVille. My perfect world is spending the day at the shore and not having a care in the world. My favorite places in the world are New Jersey and New York so some of the two combined would be perfect. I love the relaxing feeling of being on the shore and tanning and the fun on the boardwalk, but I also love the excitement and energizing feel of the city. Shoreville is the perfect combination of the two and is the "American Dream" for a lot of people I believe.


Some people might not like ShoreVille for three reasons: they don't tan well, they don't like the big city, and they don't like relaxing. If you burn really easy instead of getting a nice, healthy-looking, bronze tan you probably wouldn't like living on an island, but there are easy solutions! Get high SPF sunscreen. The second reason some people might not like ShoreVille is because they don't like the city because they feel its too crowded or fast paced; some people would rather dirt roads than city streets. The final reason is that some people simply don't like to relax and have fun. Some people are too uptight to be able to relax and have fun at the shore. All of these are justifiable reasons to not like ShoreVille, but you're not forced to stay.

The problems that might arise in shoreVille are very few, but like every place, it's not perfect. First problem is carelessness. Some people might mistake relaxing and being chill for being careless, which is not good. It could cause problems like people drowning in the ocean or having too much fun and getting hurt. The only way to deal with that is by giving the person(s) one warning and if it keeps being a problem we would have to make them leave. The second problem that could occur is over-population. If there is too many people it's not good because we wouldn't go to war to take over land. The best way to deal with this is having a pop. limit and when you reach it you cant let anybody else live there. The last problem is hurricanes. There can be major problems with having a big city being surrounded by ocean. One bad hurricane could wipe out the island and there isn't really any protection against a hurricane. The best way to deal with this problem is to just hope for the best and board up windows.

When a person wants to leave, they leave. Nothing will happen to them because ShoreVille is a free island. They will not have to jump through hoops or pay a fee, they can leave whenever they want and come back whenever they want.

People who are from the country or love the country might think this would be a dystopia because they don't like the city. Also because there isn't any mountains or farms to self sustain and grow our own food, unless you have a little garden.