Elementary Students

Physical Development

K-1st: Includes developing the abilities to run, jump, climb, etc. as well as gaining the stamina to complete these actions for 5 to 15 minutes

2nd-3rd: greater control over movements plus learning when rest is needed, as well as seeing connection between physical activity and overall health

4th-5th: hand eye coordination and completing activity to reach a goal, followed by cognition being better integrated with movement (primetime to learn instrument/art)

Cognitive and Moral Development

K-1st: recognition of patters plus answering basic questions with some detail

2nd-3rd: understanding concept of money, time, and mental math; also asks questions to retain needed information and develop math from simple word problems

4th-5th: prioritizing and budgeting of time, understanding puns, ability to understand both sides of an argument and logically argue a side

Social and Language Development

K-1st: sharing, taking turns, understanding others' points of view, ability to answer simple questions and retell stories in logical order

2nd-3rd: understanding own strengths/weaknesses, improved self control, understand others have important opinions, explain ideas, give directions, summarize a story

4th-5th: understanding diff levels of friends and peer pressure, differing between fairness and equality very important, understanding figurative language, participate in discussions