Its been my deepest gratitude to share with you this special gift of love..a gift of breath..

I want to invite you to come join me into this ceremony of love, of connecting to your breath to tap into to your inner self and into this journey of coming home to your true self. This a wonderful event that connects you back to your wonderful essence and aliveness. Breath of Bliss experiences are shared through shamangelic Love Ceremonies in sacred spaces. Together, through my guidance we deepen our capacity to give and received more love. The 2-3 hour journey begins with movement, deep sharing, touching, conscious loving exercises and sound healing and it deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular connected breathing. I will be guiding you into this journey into your own self as you come home to your self. Welcome to your own experience!


Friday, Sep. 4th, 4-7pm

This is an online event.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Start your day on a high vibration

Will start the day with connecting with each other through body movement, deep sharing, touching, conscious loving exercises, and sound healing, then we moved on to deepen our journey as we lay down for an hour for circular connected breathing. And I will be guiding you all through out your journey. We finished our ceremony with more sharing about their experience. Some light refreshment will be provided at the end and some time to connect with the facilitator as well as the rest of the group.


Your beautiful self, water bottle,

the following will be used for your own comfort during the 1 hour journey:

comfortable clothing, yoga mats, any colour of your favourite sarong or blanket, a pillow( optional), eye mask(optional) crystals or mala beads or any accessories that deeply connect with you which you will like to take to through your journey.

Duration: 2-3 hours ( allow some extra time for sharing and nurturing time after the session)

Energy Exchange:

25 Euro

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Facebook: Ambikha Devi Karma Yoga

About the Facilitator- Ambikha

Ambikha is an experience Breathwork Facilitator for private and Group experience. She also hold space with people who wants to heal through energy work and emotional work. She gained her knowlegde from studying under the Clarity Breathwork from California a member of International Breathwork Foundation founded by Global Inspiration Conference. She also study with a modern Shaman in the Philippines who founded Inner Dance Process that is healing people all over the world with this Healing Modality. Shes also a Yoga Teacher and practitioner. Her practice is grounded in Meditation and doing Inner work.