The Dream Team

2/8/16 Weekly Memo 26

Our HERO Focus is....


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Table of Contents

  1. Week at a glance
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Duty Schedule
  4. Cultural & Instructional Focus Areas
  5. Good Things
  6. Message from the Coach
DISCIPLINE - Motivational video

Week at a Glance

Monday, February 8th: A Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Lesson Plans due on Blackboard

Tuesday, February 9th: B Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Wednesday, February 10th: A Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Wellness Wednesday

Parks out @Teaching Trust

Golledge out @ TT

Houston out @ TT

Luna out @TT

Thursday, February 11th: B Day

Jeans and College/Hampton Shirt

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Mack Out

Lesson Plan Revisions Due on Blackboard

Winter Dance 6pm-9pm

Friday, February 12th:

No School

Duty Schedule

Morning Duty- See the body of the email.

Lunch Duty- Teachers must arrive to pick up your class from the cafeteria at 11:39am (10:39am on Wed) for 6th grade and 12:23am (11:22am on Wed) for 7th & 8th grade teachers.

  • 6th Grade Lunch- Science Team Lead & Specials Team Lead and Administration

    7th & 8th Grade Lunch- Spanish and Humanities Team Leads and Administration

After School Duty- See the body of the email.

Coming Soon...

February 11th- Winter Dance 6pm-9pm

No time off will be approved for the 11th

**February 12th- No School (unless we have bad weather prior to this date)

February 15th- President’s Day, No School

February 16th- Progress Reports Go Home

February 17th- Mandatory STAAR Training @ 3:00pm

February 18th- Math & PE Night 6pm-8pm- Parents Come out and enjoy the evening!

February 22nd - CA #3 Begins

February 25th- Black History Celebration- Celebrating Black History and African American culture in the United States.

March 2nd- Reading and Spanish Night

March 3rd- Early Release

March 4th- Scholar Holiday

March 8th- Progress Reports Go Home & International Women's Day Celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women worldwide.

March 10th- Q3 Award Ceremony

March 11th- Fun & Fitness Camp

March 14th-18th- Spring Break

March 23rd- Campus Needs Aassessment & Parent Teacher Conferences @3:30pm

March 25th- Scholar Holiday

March 29th- STAAR Math 8th Grade & STAAR Writing 7th Grade

March 30th- STAAR Writing 7th Grade & STAAR Reading 8th Grade

March 31st- Cesar Chavez Day Honors Mexican American farm worker, labor leader and activist Cesar Chavez (1927–1993) who was a nationally respected voice for social justice.

Observation Focus Areas

Reading Strategies in ALL content areas

Guided Reading

Shared Reading

Read Aloud

Broken Windows & Nudge Theory

Good Things!

Mrs. Parks says...

Shout out to Ms. Golledge & Ms. Peters for team teaching on Monday & Tuesday. This demonstrates that scholars matter and we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that they are successful!

Shout out to Mrs. Brown for creating all of the intervention groups & plans for ELAR.

Shout out to the Math team for their collective efforts in creating the intervention groups & plans.

Shout out to the PD leaders!

Shout out to Ms. Golledge for taking control of TELPAS compliance :)

Shout out to Ms. Wallace for completing all of the many rounds of testing!

Ms. Golledge says...

Shout out to Mr. Miles for helping me with an amazing Score Time detention.

Shout out to EVERYONE for intervention this week, it will only get better!

Shout out to Mrs. Parks for for going above and beyond for scholars everyday.

Shout out to everyone that lead PD today it rocked!

Ms. Wallace says…

Thank you for all of you hard work for getting it done! Special shout out to the SPED crew for working hard for to get all of our small-groupers tested!

Mr. Gardner says…

Shout out to Mr. Miles, Ms. Gregory, Ms. Moutry, Ms. Iwule, Ms. Landis, Ms. Pietroboni, Mr. Wright, and Mrs. Parks for making Saturday School a success for our scholars!

Shout out to Ms. Pietroboni for leading the planning for the upcoming Math and PE night. It’s already creative and hilarious and I can’t wait to see the final product!

Shout out to Mr. Wright, Ms. Iwule, and Mrs. Brown for leading amazing PD’s this week. They were amazing!

Shout out to Mr. Range for stepping in to cover classes on Wednesday. You’re always there for the team when the unexpected happens!

Shout out to Ms. Ritchwood for copying and scanning in the math resources from Heights and Mighty to help our scholars get stronger in math!

Ms. Trachta says...

Shout out to Mr. Luna, Ms. Moutry, and Ms. Golledge for helping me make sure my kids are ready to go for CA 3 and for always being there when I need advice or help!

Shout out to Ms. Wallace for working hard to make sure we are all ready for TELPAS and STAAR!

Shout out to Ms. Iwule for covering my first period last week when my sub was running a little late!

Shout out to Ms. Landis for rocking the Math Intervention lesson plans!

Shout out to Ms. Pietroboni for being such an awesome sport when an 8th grade teacher may or may not have let some scholars know that she was a Patriots fan and told them to ask her about why the Patriots aren’t going to the Super Bowl.

Ms. Pietroboni says...

I would like to shout out Ms. Moutry & friend, Mr. Miles, Ms. Iwule, AND OF COURSE MS. GREGORY for volunteering to help us push our scholars to new levels in math at Saturday School last week! It wouldn’t have run so smoothly without all of you!!!!

I would like to shout out Mr. Wright for letting me visit his class and always helping me out. ***three flame emojis***

Lastly, I would like to shout out Mr. Gardner for consistently having really great ideas. Birthday Plinko? Math & PE Pirate Night? Just a couple of life’s pleasures that we would not enjoy without this man. You’re the best!

Ms. Thomas says...

Shoutouts to the Science Team!!! Ladies you rocked Science and Technology night. You both worked so hard to see the vision. I appreciate you both.. Thanks for working with me.

Thank you Mr. Luna and Mr. Miles for all of your hardwork and dedication..

To my lovely 6th grade team, you all are dear to me and mean so much to scholars. Thanks for not giving up. Thanks for being a constant reminder as why we do this work.

Shoutouts to Ms. Wallace for always having a positive attitude and vibe.

Thank you Leadership Team just for being rockstars!

A Message from the Coach

Dearest Dream Team,

You have to be disciplined in your craft. It is easy to put the blame on someone else when we fail but, at what point do we sit and reflect on the things we've done? I thought of this very thing this week, and I asked myself a number of questions. First I asked, why do you do this? This is very hard work, you're doing fine financially, and you work long hours, what keeps you here? I then asked, If you had to do it all over again would you?

My response to myself was: "Andrea, I was born to serve and I am fulfilling my purpose in life. Every experience I've faced in life was preparing me for what I am experiencing today. So, no matter how hard things seem, the end result is worth every tear drop, every ounce of pain, and the countless hours spent on revamping scholar schedules, analyzing data, reviewing CA annotations, reading emails, meeting with parents, ensuring teachers have what they need to execute their instruction, among other things....and I would absolutely do it all over again to be where I am.

I challenge each of you to think about whether or not you are living your purpose in life. If you are then great, let's figure out how we can continue to enlarge your capacity as a professional-- if you aren't then that is ok too, let's figure out where you really want to be and create a plan for you to get there.

This work takes dedication, determination, and discipline. You have to want it badly and you have to pursue it with passion! Let's win Dream Team! The time is over for mediocrity!!

The Dream Team Will Fight,


Strategic Priorities

Professional Capacity

Goal: We will build upon the knowledge & skills of all staff members

Parent, School, & Community Ties

Goal: We will engage ALL stakeholders in the school’s culture.

School Learning Climate

Goal: We will create a safe and orderly environment that promotes the sense of urgency required to climb the ladder of academic and behavioral excellence.