Jeffries Weekly Update

November 23-28, 2015

Feedback Opportunity

On the updated Jeffries CANVAS page, you can now give me weekly feedback! I would love for you to take the time to share celebrations, area of consideration and anything else you would like to share! It's called Friday Feedback on the Jeffries CANVAS page/Feed Forward

This Week's Events

Monday- November 23, 2015: Watch DOGS: Justin Lawson & Justin Senteno

Tuesday: 2nd Grade shares their PBL; Intruder Drill;

Liz out for Student Review Mtg. at KAC from 1-3PM. Please email or communicate with your Leadership Team members with any celebrations, questions, etc. Leadership Team members need to communicate any suggested topics to Liz prior to leaving for break.

Wednesday: No School!

Thursday: No School! Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday: No School! Hope you enjoy a restful day or a productive day of shopping!

Happy Birthday, Trisha Baugh!

Upcoming Events:

Nov. 25-27– No school for students (Thanksgiving Break)

Nov. 30-Dec.4- PTA Harmony House Holiday Drive (Mrs. Lawson- PTA Chair)

Dec.1- Jaguar Junction; Safety Committee 4PM in the Conference Room

Dec. 2– Leadership Team Mtg. 7:35-8:30AM in the Conference Rm.; Liz out to mandatory PTA District Mtg. at Delaware from 8:30-10:30AM (Phil or Rachelle are Teachers in Charge for emergencies); Fall picture retakes- camera ready at 8AM in the APR (on the main floor). All staff need to have their picture taken for yearbook if missed during original picture day.

Dec. 3- PTA Executive Mtg. 6:30PM; Throwback Thursday (wear your college gear!); Fire Drill; PTA Exec. Mtg. 6:30PM in the library

Dec. 4- Leadership Assembly 9:30AM; Jaguar Choir sings at Battlefield Mall- 6:30PM

Dec. 11- Jaguar Choir goes on field trip to nursing homes

Dec. 14-18- Staff Secret Santa

Dec. 15- Kickapoo Choir Assembly 9:30AM (all school); Jeffries Faculty Mtg. 4-5PM with guest speaker- Gifted Education (for 10-15 minutes) in Mr. Rogers Room; Tacky Holiday Sweater Day (faculty picture at 8:15AM for those wearing one in the gym/platform)

Dec. 16- 2nd Grade Field Trip to the Nutcracker; 3rd grade performs for school 9:30AM; Winter Holiday Parties 2:30-3:30PM

Dec. 17- End of 2nd Quarter

Dec. 18-Jan. 1- No School (Winter Break)

Make Someone's Day!

Have you completed a SPS Recognition Form lately to recognize a SPS R-12 employee for a job well done? Please do that here!

When will staff get their new laptops? Timeline (tentative) revealed!

Jeffries Elementary: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 (at our scheduled faculty mtg./professional learning time from 3:50-5:00PM in the Library!). Blended Learning Dept. will hand out the devices, get everyone logged in, and do some customization. The day after our staff receives their device, they will have a tech start at Jeffries to answer questions or assist with needs.



  • HP Hybrid device

  • Device cases

  • Wireless projection module (installations on-going)

  • Tablet stands (arriving starting in December)


  • Certified staff in certified positions

  • Staff rosters will be emailed prior to deployment for verification


  • 30 minutes to deploy

  • Short presentation covering basics

  • Everyone will login, configure their email, and personalize their device

  • A technician will be available the next day on site to answer questions and help with other setups

  • Desktops are not pulled this year

Said No Teacher Ever

Said No Teacher Ever....

This makes me laugh every time. Real talk.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we had students make their own videos that was titled:

"Said No Student Ever..." I challenge one of you to have students brainstorm what they don't love about school or what they consider is dis-engaging. Then, have them create a few lines from that brainstorm list, then create video.


See SPS Secondary Students' feedback on what they consider Engaging, Relevant and Personal- and nonexamples

Personalized Learning

Please read this great article about personalized learning. How does this apply to you and your students? How can we transform what we are currently doing to make it more personal, engaging and relevant?

Google for Education Training

Want to begin training modules so you can work at your own speed on learning all about Google? I have invited you to a CANVAS training for Google. I would highly encourage you to begin going through the online courses.