Tech Double Shot!


Issue # 12 - Teacher Appreciation! - May 2nd, 2016

It's a good week to be a teacher. This week, we can all enjoy some extra rewards for our hard work this year. And in that spirit, here are a few resources that also recognize and encourage the talents and effort that goes into good teaching,

Shot 1: The Teachers Guild

Teaching is a craft. In recognition of this fact, The Teachers Guild, is "a professional community that activates teachers’ creativity to solve the biggest challenges in education today. While learning and doing design thinking, teachers build their creative muscle and connect to diverse partner organizations who are committed to bringing their solutions to life."

With some excellent partners and outside support, The Teachers Guild is working through several significant challenges faced by all teachers, from sparking student curiosity to preparing students for college. And they are challenging teachers to brainstorm and prototype solutions to these challenges. All of the ideas and projects that they initiate are then published on their website to encourage more collaboration and problem-solving.

Most importantly, The Teachers Guild also holds several free meet-up events in the area complete with food and drinks. Their second event in NYC this was this past Friday, but there should be several more forthcoming. You can look out for their future events here. Don't miss out!

Shot 2: Edutopia

If I made billions of dollars in my career, there is a good chance that I would spend most of it on living out my childhood dreams of the Star Wars universe. George Lucas has already done that and still has billions left over, so he put much of his wealth into education research initiatives, including Edutopia which focuses on sharing "evidence- and practitioner-based learning strategies that empower you to improve K-12 education."

You may have encountered Edutopia articles before, but there is an abundance of resources, research, and insight for educators on the site. Whether for new teachers or experienced teachers seeking to develop their craft, there is truly something there for everyone.

Hope you enjoyed Tech Double Shot!

Have a great week!