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March Edition

Poetry by Keshav

Covid-19 & Racism

Right when we started working together,

Covid-19 ruined 2020 forever,

We went in lockdown and had to wear masks,

But despite the virus we still did our tasks,

All the meetings together became virtual,

And the work became digital,

For then everything was going well until we started to fight,

It was amongst ourselves and then for what is right,

We slowly started to come back as one,

And we are again reminded of the great things America has done,

We continue to strive for justice and innovation,

We will go through this together as one big nation.

How To Origami Lessons by Mihir

Origami Ball
Origami Claw

Four Leaf Clover Facts by Grace

*Did you know that only 1 in 10,000 clovers have 4 leaves?

*Four leaf clovers don’t normally grow on plants, they are just a lucky fluke of nature.

*Did you know that a shamrock is not considered a four leaf clover? Shamrocks have 3 leaves.

*It is often said that Ireland is home to more four leaf clovers, giving meaning to the phrase “The luck of the Irish.”

*If you find a four leaf clover you should look for more because it is likely to produce another lucky charm!

*Did you know that the fourth leaf on a 4 leaf clover may be smaller and another shade of green than the other 3 leaves?

*Did you know that the four leaf clover stands for four things…..Faith, Hope, Love and Luck.

🍀So go out there and find yourself some luck!! 🍀

How To Paint on a Rock by Anushka

Anushka How To do Rock Painting

Book Recommendations by Bethan

K/1-Junie B. Jones

Does Junie B. have what it takes to survive kindergarten? Join her, her teacher Mrs., and her friends as she explores the new school. Between dress-up days and parades, hiding in laundry baskets and smelly buses, all this wacky girl wants to do is have fun.

2/3-The Bad Guys

Join the good guys to fight against being called bad guys, being sucked into toilets, oh, and saving the world at the same time. With angry bunnies, evil wolves, and who-knows-what's, will The Bad Guys be able to save the world?

4/5-All Four Stars

Gladys loves to cook. There’s only one small problem-her parents don’t let her. One day, her parents come home from work early only to see Gladys in the kitchen, cooking. After being banned from the kitchen, and accidentally landing a food critic job at the top newspaper firm in New York, how will Gladys react?

Jokes, Riddles, & Rebus Puzzles by Keshav

March Related Jokes

  1. Why is March the best time to jump on a trampoline?

  1. Name a bow that can’t be tied.

  1. When do monkeys fall from the sky?

  1. What March flowers grow on faces?

  1. Why is everyone so tired on April 1?

  1. Why are sports fans acting crazy?

Spring Related Riddles

  1. I fall, but I don’t get hurt. I pour, but I’m not a jug. I help plants grow, but I’m not the sun. What am I?

  1. What is small, round, and colorful and gets hidden over and over again?

  1. Racoons are racing around the tree. Can you spell that without any r’s?

  1. A mama robin has two daughters. Each of her daughters has a brother. How many children does the mama robin have?

  1. A teacher and a student were counting puddles. The student was the teacher’s daughter, but the teacher was not the girl’s mother. Who was the teacher?

Rebus Puzzles

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Poetry by Aditya

My Dear Elementary

I will miss this school.

This school was very cool.

I love this school because Findley Dragons help everyone out.

I also love running club. The second I ran in the sun I dove into it and ran a marathon and had lots of fun!

The awesome teachers are very kind when they remind us to stay positive.

Dragons love green and purple that represent our school by saying that green shows the pride and kindness of our school. Purple shows that no one can surpass a Findley dragon from their goals!!

I will miss this school very much and it will touch my heart all the time.

How to Make a Pom Monster by Harshini

How to Make a Pom Monster by Harshini

Creative Writing by Aneesh

What Does a Turkey Think About?

Well, for starters, I have a tagged turkey right here for you. The helmet tracks its thinking. Let’s look at what it is thinking.

Why are these people looking at me?! Am I really plump? Is it November already?! I don’t wanna die! Where’s mommy when you need her? I don’t want to be butchered! I don’t wanna die! Or wait, maybe they're not going to kill me? Tell me, human, do my clothes not really match my style? Is pink not my color? Answer me fool! Don’t you know what pain I can inflict on you?! Why are you narrowing your eyes? Is he going to touch me? I am not the one to die this year! Adios amigos!

Uh… will somebody please get the turkey? It’s running away!

Don’t even think about catching me, I refuse to be stuffed, or be put in a turkey sandwich, or be eaten with cranberry sauce! Choose a different bird to eat! If I were you I would eat cousin goose! Such a lazy fat bird that only cares about looks! Now, tell me now! Are these feathers my style??

The Adventures of Mask Man by Thilan

That's all folks! See you next month.😀

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