Rachie's Bachelorette Party

Girls Weekend in Chicago!

Weekend Outlook

Beach time, lap dancing class, manicures, bar hopping, wonderful food and more! Get ready for an excellent weekend. Rachael doesn't really know the plan, so keep it on the DL.

Rachie's Bachelorette Party

Friday, July 10th, 3pm to Sunday, July 12th, 1pm

33 U.S. 12

Chesterton, IN

We will meet at the train station in Chesterton (where I live) and take the train into the city. Chesterton is AN HOUR BEHIND Michigan. We're meeting at 3 PM Chicago time. The train station is a super safe place to leave your car.

We're staying at The Willows Hotel. 555 W Surf St, Chicago, IL 60657

Please Bring

1. A gag gift (under $10) for Rachie
2. A snack to share with the group (12 people)
3. A drink to share with the group (enough for 6)
4. Casual going out clothes for Friday, nicer clothes for Saturday.
5. Swim suit and work out clothes!

Questions !?

Please call or email Holly at

The website listed is BS and I can't delete it!


$ 230 per person.
This includes all of Rachie's costs, 2 nights in hotel, manicure, lap dancing class, a lingerie gift card, and train ticket. All other food and drink is on your own. We will be eating casual on Friday on fancier on Saturday.

I'll take cash or check- made out to Hollis Williams.
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