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A Few Notes From The Editor: Mrs. Scheperle

- Information about Student-led conferences came home last week. I hope to see you either Thursday, Feb.4th or Mon. Feb. 8th between 4:30-7:00! Be sure to bring your child with you. This is their chance to show you what they know!

-Our second round of spelling words are below. This is an exciting time for the kids. Please practice these words with your child. The test is not taken for a grade, however it is valuable practice for first grade. Please note that I will correct their handwriting - but it does not affect the score on the paper. :)

-Next week will be Kindness week. To go along with it we will have a few fun dress up days: Monday, Feb.8 - Inside out day. Where your clothes inside out!

Tuesday, Feb. 9 - Pajama day. Be sure to wear tennis shoes!

Wednesday, Feb. 10 - Work out day. Wear athletic clothes.

Thursday, Feb. 11 - Valentine day. Wear Red,white and pink!

Friday, Feb. 12 - no School.

That's it for now!

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Have a SUPER week!

Mrs. S.

Homework: Help your child study their spelling words.

In Other News

Reading: We will look closely at the different parts of a book as we read. We will dig deeper into each book as we read to begin answering comprehension questions.

Phonics: We will discuss 'u' word families. Examples would be _ug, _un.

Writing: We will work on writing narratives with a focus on writing in complete sentences

Math: We will continue to review addition and addition word problems.

Science/S.S.: Our focus will be on dental health.

Upcoming Events

-Student led conferences are Feb. 4th and 8th from 4:30-7:30.

Items Needed (if you are able to donate)

-stick glue

-bottled glue

I have no February Birthdays!

Spelling Words