Go Back 66 - 1.8 Million Years!

Go to the the Tertiary Time Period

About the Tertiary time period

This period was known as the “Age of Mammals” because it’s when mammals took over most animal population. Also, fish and birds were flourishing and the reptile population was returning after the previous mass extinction. Some animals were Indricotherium (the largest known mammal), Brontotherium (3rd largest known mammal), and a Tapir.

Things to See

Some of the things that you can see are the Rocky, Himalaya, the Alps, and Volcanoes form. You can see the rise of the Mammals, land bridges forming, and the mammals migrating. You can also see the Ice Age come. Some other things that are cool to see is the continents move into their present day positions. You can also see the first grasses appear, some of the first horses, elephants, bears, rodents, and primates appear along with the ancestors of the humans evolve.

Things to bring

Some of the things that you need to bring are: Shorts, T-Shirts, sandals, boots, matches, tent, sleeping bag, enough food to last you a couple of days, fishing pose, knife, bug spray, a hat, and sunglasses.

The Climate and the Environment

The environment has volcanoes, mountains, ice, glaciers, and land bridges.

The climate at the beginning of the period it was warm and moist, much of Earth was tropical or subtropical, then towards the middle of the period it started to cool, and by the end the Ice Age had begun.

Animals and plants

Some of the animals were: Uintatherium, Plesiadapis, Hyracotherium, Indricotherium, the early cat, the early pigs, the early tapir, and the early deer.

Some of the plants were: Grass, Magnolia, Trillium, Palm trees, and lots of dense forests.


Some of the dangers you might face are: Getting stepped on by one of the big mammals or being eaten by a big cat.