My University Selection Project

By: Jasmine Ko

Universities I Am Interest In

My program that I want to apply to is Interior Design. The universities I am interested in attedending are Ryerson Universtiy, Vancouver Island University, Humber College, Sheridan College and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

My 5 Criteria

Weighted out of 100%

Criteria #1: School Location from Home

For criteria number one, I chose the distance from home to the University in kilometres I used 70km, from my house as the ideal distance and manipulated all the data to see which university is the closest to the 70km mark. From the universities I choose to apply to, Sheridan College is the closest to my ideal distance and Vancouver Island University is the farthest away from my ideal distance.

My ideal distance is 70 kilometres from home.

Weight: 10%

My calculation formula is: =100-(70-B)/70

*(B is the input number of kilometres from home to the school)

Reference: Google Maps

Tuition Price

Criteria number two is least important to me but still a criteria I consider when I choose and apply to which universities. My parents want me to go to a good school that is popular for their art programs and would not mind paying any price, as long as I get into a good school of my choice. My ideal tuition price is $7047 for the interior design program.

My ideal tuition price is $7047

Weight: 10

My calculation formula is: =100-ABS(D-7047)/7047

*(ABS stands for absolute number. ABS returns the absolute value of a number)

*(D is the input number of the tuition price)

Reference: university websites

Admission Average

My third criteria is the most important criteria to me when applying to universities. The universities I want to go to look at the student's grades and portfolio. The grades are as important as the portfolio. I need to make sure my grade is as good or even better than the school's admission average for my program.

My ideal admission average is 75%

Weight: 50

My calculation formula is: =100-(75-F)

*(F is the input number of admission average)

Reference: university websites

Class Size

My fourth criteria is quite important to me academically. Some universities have programs with a big class size, and I learn better in an environment with a smaller class size. My average class size is 30 students per class for my program I want to study in.

My ideal class size is 30 students per class

Weight: 20

My calculation formula: =100-(H-30)

*(H is the input number of class size)

Reference: Maclean's 2013 Guide to Canadian Universities Book and university websites

Graduation Rate

My last criteria is the graduation rate of students graduating and completing their program in each school. The graduation needs to be a high percentage because I need to know that the majority students going into program graduate and finish the program. If the graduation rate is low than that would mean a lot of negative factors like the professor is bad, the program is uninteresting or it could possibly mean the program is hard. There could also be other factors involved with the graduation rate being low at that school. My ideal graduation rate is 90%.

My ideal graduation average is 90%

Weight: 10

My calculation formula: =100-ABS(J-90)

*(ABS stands for absolute number. ABS returns the absolute value of a number)

*(J is the input number of the graduation average)

Raw Data Matrix Table

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Matrix Multiplication

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The results are:

  • Sheridan College having a score of 98
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University having a score of 96
  • Vancouver Island University having a score of 95
  • Ryerson University having a score of 76
  • Humber College having the score of 75

My top 3 schools would be Sheridan, Kwantlen Polytechnic, and Vancouver Island. Out of the 3 schools I would choose Sheridan college to apply to because it is close to home and close to my ideal distance from home. The admission average of Sheridan also meets my ideal admission average and I would be able to attain a higher percentage than the admission average stated, making me have a greater chance of getting into the program. The class size is perfect and is at my ideal class size, I would be happy learning in an environment of 31 students. Lastly the tuition price is ideal even though it's a bit higher than the other tuition prices, tuition won't be a problem.

Overall, even though Ryerson University comes in second last with a score of 76, Ryerson is still my number one choice university that I want to apply to because the interior design program at Ryerson is known all around North America, the school is located in downtown Toronto, the tuition price is my ideal tuition price, the admission average is realistic to me and that I would be able to meet, the class size is perfect and the graduation percentage is the highest from my list of schools.