Texas Tech University Health Center

By Litzy Guevara


Standard four-year program

  • consists of first two years at Lubbock campus learning about body systems and disease
  • clinical training in years three and four at Amarillo, Lubbock or Permian Basin campuses.

Internist specializing in infectious disease


  • four year medical school
  • three year intensive residency program in internal medicine
  • pass the Medical Licensing Examination

Types of Specialties

  • infectious disease
  • sport medicine
  • critical care medicine
  • etc.

Work Hours

  • four to five days per week with normal hours
  • see about twenty-four patients a day
  • able to develop long-term relationships with patient and patients family


  • average annual internist salary (no matter the specialty) range from $184,200 to $231,691

Enrollment Process

What to Expect

Red Raider Orientation

  • opportunity for new students to learn about Texas Tech University and the programs and services offered.
  • bring comfortable shoes and clothing for RRO

Cost to Attend

- for a graduate, it costs about $24,545 for everything including tuition, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal.

What to do after

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