Te Awa News

Library stocktake

The stocktake has been completed hurrah! Thank you to Brian, Jane, Gemma, Oliver and Helen who worked hard and completed it in record time!

We are still missing 209 (at last count) books which can't be found, a few of these are still to come back from students but most are just missing from the shelves. We are especially on the look out for 21 graphic books which have disappeared.

Please please please take a look around and return any books, no questions asked :)

Students Librarians

We had a lovely morning tea to thank our fantastic Student Librarians.

In the first week of Term 1, 2014 Student Librarian Application Forms will be delivered into classes, Year 6,7 and 8 students are encouraged to apply and be part of Te Awa.

Being a student librarian is an excellent way of providing service to the school and has lots of bonuses including seeing the new books early, helping younger students and yummy morning teas! (not to mention encouraging reading).

Holiday reading

With holidays coming up there is time to read!

Please take some time to choose yourself some holiday reading from our library. There is a collection of library books in the staff room for you to browse, you can come into Te Awa and take a look or ask Helen to choose some reading for you!.

Plans for Term 1

Have you got an idea but not sure what resources we have?

Helen is happy to compile a list of resources (books, websites etc.) for any subject planning next year. Call in and talk to Helen in Te Awa, left a note or email hmuxlow@kwns.school.nz