Media Analysis. Year 9 PDHPE

From Belle-Rose Webster

Body Evolution - Model Before and After

Body Evolution and Photoshop Has Gone To Far

Body Evolution is bout how the photo taken of the model isn't the model anymore.

photo shop gone to far is how they can turn anything into something its not.
Photoshop Has Gone Too Far

children movies

Even mature children movies are telling kids what they have to look like.
one eg out of many would be the new movie called 'into the wood'.
3 things that tell kids what they are meant to look like in the back of the minds are

1= Cinderella is so skinny that when she is dancing with the prince's hand nearly covers her whole back.
2= the song lyrics to (Johnny Depp) the wolf song lyrics to red riding hood says to have no pimbles and tender, fresh/young skin makes you more beautiful.
i quote from the song below
Look at that flesh,
Pink and plump.
Hello, little girl...
Tender and fresh,
Not one lump.
Hello, little girl...
This one's especially lush,

3=every character is skinny or fit and when you see a fat or larger person its meant to be funny.


when you go onto Google and type model it comes up with mainly white, skinny Photoshopped girls in bikinis with flawless skin.

Some Negative could be eating problems, social problems, family/friend problem for soe people because of the way they look or wont to look like or the way friends/family look and you dont wont to be seen with them. men what about the men there are men models so thats a negitive its showing white skinny lady no men.

Some positive could be its easy for men to find activate women in bikinis. (which can also be a negative)

this could cause efects on additude towards other like not wonning to go out in publi in surtain clothing
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