Extracurricular Activity

Kevin Ngo

Summary: Involvement Affects College Acceptance

Colleges don't just accept applications with a lot of extracurricular activities. They want people who do variety of extracurricular activities that are different, but it must be meaningful. This show they don't just do school things. These extracurricular activities should also be meaningful too. Colleges look for applications that shows the student dedicated, involved, balance, a leading figure, and/or have specializations. Dedication shows the student's wills. Involvement shows the student's doing work. Balance shows the student do beyond school work. Leadership shows the student different and leading. Specializations shows the student have special traits.

Personal Response: Involvement Affects College Acceptance

I could see why colleges look for these type of applications because the trait shows the student a hard worker. Dedication, involvement, balance, leading, and special are very good to have in a student that is attending your school. It will also show the student wouldn't give up on the college. If I was running a college I would allow them to attend.

Quotes: Involvement Affects Colleges Acceptance

"Evidence of leadership"


"It's exciting to see unusual activities on an application - not always the student council, the newspaper, or the yearbook."