PSD Technology News

December 2013 Volume 2 Issue 2

What can I do with Google Drive in my classroom?

1. Revision History and Commenting on student work: Use the Revision History feature of Google Docs to see the different stages of a student's writing and keep track of student progress. Add comments to student's rough drafts using the commenting feature.

2. Research Tool: Under the Tools Menu, click on Research. The Research tool opens a small window to the side of your document where you can search for images, web sites, dictionary definitions and more.

3. Share Docs for Collaborative Writing: Have one student start a document and share with another student for collaborative writing or to encourage peer editing.

4. Google Presentations: As an alternative to Powerpoint try creating a presentation in Google Drive. The Research Tool allows students to pull in cited images quickly and easily.

5. Forms: Create a form for students to complete a reflection, formative assessment, or take forms to the maximum with a self-grading quiz.

6. Paperless Classroom! See below how PHS is trying this.


Talking Cows!

Mrs. Davis' class brought the story of the Pilgrims to life using the FaceTalk app on the iPads and their own voices.

Technology Integrators Contact Information

Holly Doe

Pelham High School

Lead Technology Integrator

e-mail: Twitter @techholly

Allison Bowen

Pelham Memorial School

Technology Integrator and Teacher

e-mail: Twitter @abowen14

Karen Slaton

Pelham Elementary School

Technology Integrator and Enrichment

e-mail: Twitter @techkaren