Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd grade Newsletter

October 13. 2015

Week 8

Coming to you a little early this week, but wanting to get a heads up on things. Mrs. Schwarzkopf and I have been meeting with parents and I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that each student has access to their reading textbook online. Our reading textbook is called Texas Treasures. The web site is Connect Ed and I have the link available on the Shutter fly Language Arts page, but I will also add it below. If you save the link to your favorites, it makes it much easier to access it at home. Students have been given a login code in their planner, so they can read their book whenever they choose at home. They are also able to get online at school and if you need too, you can access it from the public library.

The site is great, because the book can read aloud to you, or you can just read it to yourself.

Extension activities - I have passed out an extension activity page that is either yellow or orange and should be in your child's Dodd folder. It is also attached to this newsletter if you can't seem to locate it. The due date is October 30th. These activities are an extension of what we are learning in class and are not supposed to be a stressful thing, but hopefully will ignite some creative juices and get students thinking outside the box to create some some samples to share with their classmates and teacher. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Up Coming Events @ Dodd

October 12-16th - Parent Conference week

October 21st - Wylie Unity Day

October 23rd - End of nine weeks

*** PTA - Mrs. Reynolds' homeroom is winning in the PTA sign up, but we still need 6 more to sign up!! See the link below.

Fall party -We still need help! Go Sign Up Genius to help.

Reading and Target Reading

Reading - This week we are reading an expository story called Home Grown Butterflies. This is a fact based story about how students in Costa Rica learned how to care for and sell butterflies to make money while saving the rain-forest. Students will be working with the following words: disappear, protect, harming, enclosure, capture, and supply. Our skills will be continuing to work with context clues and looking at and discussing multiple meaning words. The main reading skill is drawing conclusions based on details in the story.

Target Reading - Our story this week was an expository story called Firefly Facts. It was an information text about fireflies. We are working on creating proper nouns, expanding sentences, synonyms, past tense verbs, possessive nouns, and commas in a series.

Don't forget to have your child record the title and minutes they read at home each night. We are starting our Book It reading and students can earn a free pizza each month if they meet the minutes in our reading goal!

AR is up and running, so with every book that is read at home or in school, students can test AR and earn points for comprehension. We might not always have a designated free time to test, so they will need to be the ones staying on top of which books they have read so that they can test. (Another reason, for recording titles and minutes in their planners.)

Social Studies

Students have been reading about their environment and how it is ever changing. Some of the changes are man made, while others can occur naturally, such as erosion. We will also look at the American culture and how people from all cultures make up America. Students will need to look over their unit 4 vocabulary words in their Dodd folder. The plan is to quiz over the words this Friday, but if we are not ready, we will take it next week. So please, look at the list with them. If you cant locate their list, it is on the social studies page in shutter fly.


Unit 8 - The spelling pattern is long a sound with "ay" or "ai". The directions are always on the back of the spelling list. Students are in need of extra practice on reading and following directions. You can help at home, by checking to see that they have read the directions and completed their work correctly. Spelling is given out each Monday and is due on Thursday, unless it is a short week. You may want to check in with your child to see if they are actually completing their activities, as this does help with their writing grade.