Tech Tips #6

March 16, 2015

1. SBAC Testing on Chromebooks

Although many of the students are testing on regular computers, I thought it was important for the whole staff to know how to take the test on Chromebooks. It is very simple! When you turn on the Chromebook, do not sign in. Instead, look down at the bottom left corner where it says Apps. Click on it and the AIR Secure icon appears. Select this option and then your students are ready for the practice/training tests or can sign-in to the actual test.

2. Kahoot

This is an awesome web based tool to use in any classroom K-12! Kahoot is a game-based response system that allows you to collect information from your students. You can use it as a survey or even for a quiz (it is so engaging for the students that they won't realize they are taking a quiz!). It is free to create an account and there are thousands of Kahoots already available to select from or you can create your own. Once you have selected one or have one created, you will receive a Game Pin that you will share with the students. They will enter this in and then will begin the Kahoot. All of the information collected can even be saved into your GoogleDrive, which is a fabulous way to keep the data! Also, this website will work with iPads, Chromebooks, phones, and desktops!

I have used this in a first grade classroom when I was student teaching and have done it with adults. It is a lot of fun for the participants and is a great way to collect formative data. Click on the link below to find out more!


3. Cleaning Out Your Spam Folder

Many of us have been getting the "Your Mailbox is Full" message in our email Inbox. While cleaning out your Spam Folder won't solve the problem completely, it will help. Here are the steps to cleaning out the folder:

4. Common Core Practice Worksheets

This is a website that you can go to in order to utilize numerous worksheets related to the standards that you are teaching. They can be used for your students to practice or as formative assessments for you to gather data. Here is the link to the website: Common Core Worksheets.