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The Middle Colonies

natural resorces, divercity, and geogrophy.

The natural resorces are the wheat is made to bake in bread and flapjacks or even cookies and cake but without the wheat the colonies did not have any carbs. the cattle was to get milk and hamburgers. the ships were to transprot goods and needs acoss the ocean and to another colonie. the timber was to make fires and ships and even beds, dressors. the iron was to make guns and handles and even nails to make the crates and the dressers and even the put the ship together. the furs were to make hats, gloves, scarfs, and coats to keep warm in the icey frezzing cold winter but if they did not have any of those items then they would be frezzing in the winter. In the middle colonies was a colonie called maryland. In the divercity of the middle colonies is that maryland welcomed cathelcts. last but not least out of the geogrophy there were river lands and shelter harbors.