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i have learned so many useful techniques to when it comes to photography. I have sprouted into a better photographer than i was in the beginning of the semester. My favorite project was the 5 minutes per slide , of the photographer that we were assigned and we got to learn more about fantastic photographers. I did not like the 5 framed story project. i suck at writing captions, but i managed , and now i feel like that project taught me just a little more. I don't think i will continue in the photojournalism lane, but now i know what I'm able to capture in just a single frame shot. i am excited to use my skills in the future.

Humans of fossil ridge

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Joshua Allen, 15 (sophomore)

"Honestly being gay isn't very hard for me or my peers or my family. My mom? She was way too upset at first , but she came around and finally accepted me . my dads opinion doesn't matter to me, my parents are divorced so i don't care about him . My friends don't mind me being gay, this school is so open about it that i don't even care if i came to school in a dress one day, well at least i hope not. And for myself? I've always embraced my gayness. i love myself, but i hate how other people step over me. if i had the guts , i would shut all of them out."

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Diane Arbus

Down below is a photo of the famous photographer Diane Arbus.
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Diane Arbus also known as Diane Nemerov was born in March 14 1923 and committed suicide in July 26 1971.

5 photo frame story

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Slow and steady. Jason stares off into the distance as he starts to ride his skateboard in the commons on October 27th.
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Oh no! Jason tripped over his shoe while skating and is now falling! Luckily Micah was walking passed him and decided to take action.
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Thud! Jason fell on top of Micah. Both of them to laugh at this incident . "I am so sorry !" exclaimed Jason apologetically. Micah continues to chuckle.
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Phew! "That was a bad fall." Micah said chuckily as he gave back Jasons board. "Yeah it really was. Thank you so much." says Jason a bit timidly.
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So long. Micah and Jason shake hands and go their separate ways.

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