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Good Morning,

Today, we would have held our Food, Fun, and Fitness Day. This day usually comes to us with a day full of outdoor games and activities and learning how to eat healthy.

SInce, we cannot be with you today, please see below on some ways you are able to participate while physically away from us.

Thank you to those who attended our Beggar's Pizza Fundraiser. Your efforts helped us to raise nearly $500 for our school!

Also, thank you to those who came out to support all Oak Forest Graduates. The community of Oak Forest was buzzing with excited on Tuesday evening as they not only celebrated St. Damian School, but, Arbor Park, Hille, and Oak Forest High School! What a great evening celebrating our teens!

Sadly, at this time, we have also been notified that we are not able to provide any summer programming. We anticipated this, however, were hopeful. We hope to be in full swing in 2021 with a great variety of fun and educational summer programs for your children.

Please be sure to review our End of the Year Information.

Have a great and restful long weekend.

Food, Fun, and Fitness

Mr. Panozzo has shared great warm up activities with you that you may consider doing when you wake up every morning! Start your day by doing this and complete your log. And today, consider adding another activity like biking, jogging, walking, an online yoga class, or cardio class to add another 30-40 minutes.

But, being healthy isn't just about exercise, consider subscribing to the YouTube Channel, "Eat Healthy Project." This channel not only discusses healthy eating, but, has a variety of online field trips and discusses the array of foods that are healthy for you!

Have a great and healthy day!

Country House Comes to St. Damian School

Next fall, we will be providing daily lunches in partnership with Country House. We are very excited about this opportunity and more information will be forth coming. However, if you would like an introduction to their food services, Country House will be providing lunches for children during the summer months. Please see their flyer:

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Did you know you can still SHOP with Scrip! You can do it all online. And, this is so easy and convenient, you may just want to continue this option when we are all back in the building.

Just follow this link for more information!

This winter the parish subscribed to Many of our families have reviewed this site that works to improve Catholic site. Their new series SEARCH begins in May and looks very good. Those of us at St. Damian would encourage you to watch a new series, SEARCH, beginning this month with your families.

The Search // Armenia 1988 - Clips and Teasers - FORMED

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