Newton's Law

Figure Out How I Fly

Newton's First Law

''Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.''

How I Fly

Hey guys, I'm Pedro plane and I want to tell you how I get around. Well, as you know, I fly but there is more to flying than you think. First of all, I have to use my inertia to gain speed to put myself in motion. Then as I fly up, the wind basically does the rest. It all depends if my drag and thrust are stable. Or else, things will get bit rocky. :)

When I Am Still

As you know, when an object is still, it does not move or gain speed. I do not have to depend on my drag thrust, or the wind. It's actually quite boring not being in motion, I like flying better. :)

Reference Points

As I start my engine and begin my journey, I start moving and I pass the flight tower. I'm gaining speed with every second. I then feel the pressure off of my wheels. I am in the air. Now I am passing that big building on the horizon. I now feel the sweet afternoon air. Wow! This is fun!